Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha Tea

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I love tea. As in so much that my dentist has already seen tea stains on my teeth during my last dental visit! 

Harney and Sons tea is a new brand I've recently encountered. I haven't seen this in stores yet, and it's probably because I live in a rock. 

I love this flavor in particular because it's rare to see sencha in teabags this small! I mean I have had sencha, but usually they're in loose leaf, and they're really bulky when steeped in water. I was actually amused that this didn't blow up with expanding pieces of rice, but taste wise, you can taste more of the green tea rather than the roasted rice which is why the teabag can be that small and flat. 

To be honest, I can barely taste the rice part after I've steeped it in a pitcher this big, but well I feel bad whenever I don't maximize a teabag.

It's really refreshing, just in need of a little more of the roasted rice part though... 

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