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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I don't like eating bread, and I'll onlu eat bread when I'm super hungry or when it can be paired with something too good that I can't eat alone. One of those 'something too good' things is cookie butter. 

I remember when in the middle of last year a relative from the US gifted us with Cookie Butter that was Trader Joe brand. They even narrated to us that they made their family member go to the store everyday because there's a limit to the number of jars you can hoard, and probably if you look Pinoy they'd even have more stares targeted at you because I think Trader Joe's and the rest of the cookie butter manufacturers know how there is a demand for the stuff here. 

We have a friend who is based right now in the depths of Kalibo and she was hysterically laughing when she shared to us that there was only one kind of cheese there, no canned mushrooms, no fridge, and virtually no gourmet food, and yet you can find cookie butter everywhere in their area.

When I was reading the label of the Trader Joe's cookie butter we got, I was actually laughing because the description says something like 'all you need to do is to try it to find out how it tastes,' and honestly, it's true because I had a really hard time describing the taste to a saleslady at Puregold. 

The only way I could describe all cookie butters in general is that they taste like a warmer and spicier (as in more cinnamon feel) version of cookie batter, or for those who have eaten at Auntie Anne's pretzels, it's like the almond flavored pretzels turned into a crunchy spread. 

This is how it looked like a few days ago, and as I type this the cookie butter is no more. But we aren't really worried as mama was able to score smooth Lotus brand cookie butter jars for Php94 a jar (a far far far cry from the Php350 SRP!). The only catch is that they're expiring this July. We know that we like cookie butter so much that it's not difficult to finish both jars by july, and in the case that we do not finish it, we're not really afraid to eat expired food as long as it tastes and smells okay.

I honestly would grab a spoon and put the cookie butter into my mouth, but it'd be too sweet if I did that, this bread somehow comes in handy. I usually make a really really thick slathering of it so that I can get a lot of the crushed speculoos cookies. 

I would definitely love to explore using this in other foodstuffs such as cookies and cupcakes. I've attempted to make cookie butter cookies back then, but since the cookie butter was too few, I had to use peanut butter as a filler that the end product had no taste of cookie butter and tasted primarily like peanut butter.

I'm also considering using the smooth cookie butter in milkshakes, and perhaps if I melted it with caramels it'd reharden and coat apples? Cookie butter candied apples, anyone?

Well, I guess I'll just put whatever fate the cookie butter meets right here some time in the future.

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