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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weeee! The last time I decently got to shop was a few months back before this weekend, which is why it's so nice to find a new place for foreign favorites. So hooray, welcome, Landers Superstore! I'm not exactly sure of which holding company or group owns this so I have no idea of the business history per se, but this is basically your big superstore filled with imported goods kind of shopping experience. 

This will be very hard to miss because if you drive by EDSA northward, once you see Home Depot, you are already almost here. It looks so small in this photo but it's very big in real life, so you will surely not miss this. 

Since it's still on dry run, the application booths are still brimming with people, perhaps in anticipation of the grand launch on June 22. Membership is at Php800 per annum but there still are a lot of promotions and discounts flying around so do ask before you pay.

So this is how the facade looks like. The facade isn't really big because you won't really spend time here and everything will more or less happen in the shopping area. They also have quite a large restaurant but I don't have photos of that here as I was more focused on the items hahaha.

This is the electronics section. I don't really care about electronics that much which is why I don't have a lot of photos hahaha. I care more about the dairy. But they do have a good supply of television sets, refrigerators (I interestingly saw Panasonic fridge units which I think is rare if they're made in Japan and not Thailand), and cooking appliances.  

So they have quite an expansive toiletries section as well. The amusing part is that they have ONE WHOLE SHELF DEVOTED TO AVEENO. Yes I had to say it in caps lock because they had more unique products aside from the "basic" or "flagship" ones. 

There's also a rack devoted to local toiletries. Hello, Cream Silk! There's also a lot of Palmolive, and not pictured here but they also have a good supply of Tresemmé and Dove.

Amusingly they sell Bioré! I really have high hopes for the brand and hope that the distributorship can go further and further like how Bioré can be acquired in any drugstore, beauty store, and convenience store in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

For those who are looking for Desitin for their babies or elderly relatives, they have it here. And yes, there's Nizoral, too! I have long wondered where the brand went more so that Nizoral is the ultimate backne killer.

I got myself this tub of Pond's washable cold cream. I wonder how this will work!

They also have Caprina products, which, if I'm not mistaken, is a Canadian brand. I do remember using very fragrant soap bars gifted by my aunt from Canada of this brand name. 

They have a small Olay "counter" here, although I'd say that it's only the anti aging products.

They have the usual supply of Cetaphil, although I don't remember seeing Physiogel nor Oilatum. But at least they have the famed Neutrogena Body Oil here.

A first in the large membership shopping business model is to see these small travel sized toiletries that were being sold by piece. It's a big contrast to the usual value size and bulk packs we see in stores like these.

For formalities sake, this is the liquor department. But I have no idea as to whether these are unique liquor products or not. 

As for meats, they do have an expansive assortment of local and imported cured meats, fresh meats, and marinated meats. 

This is the fancy Spanish meat shelf if I were to describe it. 

They have this giant leg of ham that costs 11000++...

And other smoked hams and sausages of foreign origin.

And the "Spanish" shelf also has Mascarpone cream! I've never made tiramisu ever, but if I'm not mistaken, this is the first non-baking supplies store where I've seen mascarpone cream in.

And they also have cheese! The cheeses are mostly branded, so since there doesn't seem to be a house brand, the prices of these cheeses will reflect the true value of the brand. But whelp, I am regretting now that I didn't get a Raclette wheel. 

They have their own house brand for meats called Farm's Choice. What is perhaps unique about this house brand is that the packs are generally larger than the usual. Like in here, they have whole chickens by the chicken, but they also have value packs of many chickens. I have seen packs of 2 chickens in other stores, but not yet a bag of like 7 chickens. 

They also do carry Bounty Fresh so if you need it, it's here.

But what's nice, though, is that they have these fancy meat preparations, too. They have pork ribs crown, and they also have a lot of good baby back ribs material. They also have pork belly rolls conveniently packed for the buyer.

Their seafood area is not so expansive yet so this is the only photo I took.

So they also have a produce department.

But I focused more on the frozen produce department because they have quite an expansive repertoire. They have frozen peaches, strawberry slices, whole strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and even bags of mixed berries. To be honest, they already had me at frozen peach as I've never seen frozen peach anywhere else. 

This is how it looks like from the back of the store. I think the size of this store is now more apparent.

These are their selections for coffee. 

 I like that they have all the powdered versions of Coffee Mate flavored products because it's almost always the creamer in tubs or the wet creamers being sold that they always end up too expensive upfront. They have French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel Macchiato and they even have Malted Milk!

And for those of you who like Dunkin' Donuts coffee so much, they thankfully have it here as well.

A unique product is they have this Nescafé Café con Leche which seems to be a really milky version of the usual 3 in 1. And since it's not in sachet form, at least I have the freedom to use just a little. I like my coffee so milky that I normally can make use of just half a sachet and live off the milk and sugar. 

 They have an expansive juice department, too. But now in hindsight, I didn't see their soda department.

The baby food and milk products are not a lot, it's almost everything in this photo already. 

Here are the preserves and halo halo ingredients and canned fruits.

They amusingly have canned salmon. I didn't get one, but it's amusing to see canned salmon in a world of canned tuna.

They also had these beans and soup mixes.

They also had some Thai ingredients in the store, as well as canned coconut milk.

They also have the famous Kewpie sesame dressing.

The tissue paper supply is bountiful, because they had like one whole row devoted to toilet paper.

What really impressed me is that they have a very expansive pet products section. I always don't buy my cats' supplies in superstores because the common brands that my cats will most likely use cannot be found.

I was so happy that they had Whiskas, Friskies house brand, Fancy feast, and Special Kitty here. They have dry kibbles of Whiskas and Friskies in small in big bags. They also apparently have Burt's bees pet shampoo.

 I say all of this because stores usually are more concerned over dog supplies and not cat supplies. Superstores will always have dog foods of almost all major brands but not have a lot of brands for cat food, which is why this is great. For those who are looking for a house brand, I don't remember them having a house brand for pet foods, though.

And wee, look at all these cute pet beds!!!

And yes, these are some of their laundry items. Most of the laundry items are local and not imported, so that might be information you need to know.

They ask for lower expectations as they're on dry run. There are still items which still can't be bought as the prices haven't been uploaded to the barcode system yet. But so far, so good.

This is their only free taste desk for the day, but for the whole afternoon it was constantly brimming with free food. 

Overall, I think that this will be one more store to go to. Like I won't choose between this and its competitors, because it has products its competitors don't have, and vice versa. I also liked the meat section and the pet section a lot, so those two places will keep me coming back for sure. The price levels are competitive in general, and if there are discrepancies, I think they're generally negligible.

Landers Superstore is located at: 
1240 EDSA Balintawak
Apolonio Samson
Quezon City 1106

Landline:  475 9783 


  1. Hi. Thank you for posting this. I caught it in my FB newsfeed.

  2. Love this! What are the requirements for membership application?

  3. Love this! What are the requirements for membership application?

    1. Kindly call the landline provided in this blog post as I don't really know the mechanics after their launch. Their mechanics for pre launch and post launch seem to be different.

  4. Really big store! Aveenoooo!! I love their lotion but location is so far from where I live. Why??

  5. Hi! Thanks for your feature on landers. How much did u get the cold cream? Thanks!

  6. Thank youuuu! The place looks super nice! I like the selection you showed! Curious about the produce section, did you notice if they sell vegetables in packs? Like for ex. peeled, cut, and sliced baby carrots? Like these hehe


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