My Not So Usual Breakfast (June 19, 2014)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hooray for a Krispy Kreme-ey breakfast! 

This is Krispy Kreme's baked creations. 

And their salted caramel doughnut. 
This doughnut is the bomb. As in at first glance it looked quite ugly that I thought that it might taste bad or too sweet, but to my surprise, it's really realy good. It's got a generous amount of filling, and the filling tastes gourmet and fancy and all. The taste reminded me a lot of Goldilocks' caramel mamon with caramel filling, but this one has salt while Goldilocks' seems to be pure unsalted caramel.

The other thing I love so much from Krispy Kreme are their baked creations. I know they have this in sweet and savory flavors, and I love all the flavors they have. 

We got the savory ones this time as they get eaten up faster compared to the sweet cakes. But I honestly  love both. 

This one's got bacon in it. It's made of ensaymada dough put up with a hole in the middle for bacon. It may look solid and all, but when you tear into it, it tears up like a cinnamon roll. I like this flavor in particular because they also have this with cheese alone but the cheese isn't enough to make up for the lack of meat.

Another thing I had is flavored condensed milk in tube we bought from China. I have no idea why I do not see this here in the Philippines. 

It's an instant perk-me-up to toast, milk, and pancakes because all you have to do is open the tube and you already have a flavored syrup for milk and pancakes and spread for toast. They have this in so many other flavors in China, but here in the Philippines, I've only seen the plain ones. I really look forward to seeing more flavors here.  

This is Morinaga's milk pudding. I had high hopes for this given that Morinaga is famous for good pudding, but this was bleh. It was so bland, wasn't creamy, and the serving size is just too small relative to the price. The lack of a syrup kinda made it worse because it's already so bland and there's nothing to intensify the taste. Their caramel pudding is way better. 

But the meal overall was a good meal. 

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