Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookies (Trial and Recipe)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Yesterday was All Saints' day here in Manila. The usual family goes to the cemetery on this day, but since we were already done with cemetery affairs the previous Sunday, we decided to do some shopping at S&R. It's not sale time, but the place was doing really well for a holiday as many families were doing their shopping. So I walk around, and to my happiness, I find Hershey's chocolate chips in one of the shelves. It was beside a bag of Ghriardelli chocolate chips 3 times its (the hershey's bag) size, but since mom doesn't want much to do with chocolate chips in the storage, she tells me to take this Hershey's bag. 
So here is this glorious bag of Hershey's chocolate chips in front of me. Just holding the bag and feeling the chips inside already makes me so very, very happy. 

And the best part about this bag of Hershey's chocolate is that it comes with a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies at the back of the package. 
I think the yummy-ness of the cookies come from the fact that it makes use of both brown sugar and white granulated sugar. 

So this is my cookie dough, with no chocolate chips added yet. At this point, I do think that this recipe can actually be modified to accommodate raisins and nuts instead of chocolate chips. 
Look at how adorable those little babies are! *am having a moment here*

And my lovely Kitchen Aid pink measuring cup. It came from a measuring cup and spoon set I got for 5 dollars from TJ Maxx. Steal, isn't it? 

So yeah, they're just so pink and adorable I just need to put in another photo of it. And beside it is a spatula from Gourdo's. It's not as soft as a subbermaid spatula, but it's got its own good properties. 

I know it isn't so apparent, but the chocolate chips are already mixed in at this point. 

And these are the mess piles below our Kitchen Aid. I'm such a messy baker. 

The cookie dough already in rounded tablespoons, ready for baking. 

I honestly feel like a momma at this point, and my little baby is going to the oven soon. 

These are made from rounded tablespoons, so it's about 3 times the size of the other cookies in the batch. This is for my cookie monster brother, whom I know will eat 10 of the small ones in one sitting. So I make these so that he need not munch on too many little cookies. 

The now empty Kitchen Aid bowl. It's quite tiring to spoon all the cookie dough, so this sight is actually quite relieving for me. 

After baking, these are finally my cookies. 

I don't know why they like sticking to each other, but they just do. Or maybe it's me not giving them enough space. I dunno. 


So these are my cookies, ready to be eaten by cookie monsters everywhere. 

I know you want some. 

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