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Monday, June 9, 2014

Hi everyone! This is my first ever post here at The Mari-nator. I am more active in running a beauty blog (Ever heard of Doll Up Mari? And yes that is a photo of me in a maid costume coz like please watch my makeup tutorials), and in the past, food related posts would be put in some mentions in Doll Up Mari, or were in my old, old, barely functioning blog Teenage Creamery.

For the longest time, people have been telling me to food blog, the main reason that my name is Marilene, and my nickname Mari is in the words marinade, marinator and marinading that it would be a shame to not make use of the pun. At least three people on different occasions have told me to start a food blog just because of this.

Or maybe it's also because my instagram is half-makeup and half food porn, or maybe because I've been a chubby girl ever since that people always have this assumption that when I'm not making makeup tutorials, I must be eating. I'm actually not sure. Nonetheless, I enjoy food, and in the process of being a beauty blogger I have learned to love photography and writing as well. This is why I decided to do this.

Though I do not have any plans to take this food blogging seriously or in a career kind of way, it's just very therapeutic to blog in general, especially about things you like to see. I also wanted a "safer" way to document the recipes I like in the advent of so many recipes being on the internet that I forget which one was the good recipe I liked in the heaps of recipes for the same dish that I bookmarked, saved, and browsed.

I also want more niche-friendly stuff in my blogs, the other blog being purely for beauty related stuff, and for this one for food-related stuff.

So there. Welcome to the Mari-nator.

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