Max's Tinapay Natin Year 2 Launch (July 20, 2017)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Now on its 2nd year!!! If you have a flair for breadmaking, then be sure to join Max's Tinapay Natin, in cooperation with Pilmico flour! 

Breads play an integral role in Filipino living. Pan de sal of course comes to mind as a Filipino breakfast staple. And then we have a lot of breads like ensaymada which we may not have invented  per se, but it's its own Filipino twist and it has its own place in our hearts. Max's aims to enrich the cultural appreciation for the place of bread in Filipino households, as well as to uphold Filipino traditions and values.  

Tinapay Natin basically is a recipe ideation and execution contest. Entrants are to create recipes for Filipino regional breads (or breads that reflect Filipino traditions in one's community), and a traditiona bread with a modern twist. Entrants not only create the recipes, as they should be able to prepare, ferment, bake, and display their breads within 4 hours. Of course, champions (since this competition will be in teams) will take home a cash prize, but the biggest reward is to have their recipes brought to life and sold in Max's Corner Bakery stores!!! 

Landers Super Crazy Sale (June 14-18, 2017)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hear ye! Hear ye! From now till Sunday, it's Landers' Super Crazy Sale!!! 

Mom and I went to Landers yesterday so we can snag discounts on meat and frozen foods. In general we've been so busy lately, so I've been eyeing to buy chicken nuggets, dumplings, and other frozen foods that are easy to prepare. 

I thought I'd share some photos of the energy in the air at the sale. It was crowded, but thankfully they got rid of the surprise sales, so it's a lot more peaceful and orderly compared to what most would remember of past super sales. If I may say, there were plenty of guards and ushers making sure that lines are orderly, mobile, and that shoppers in line to pay were not a nuisance to shoppers still walking around. 

Baked Cheese Tart

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bake Cheese Tarts have somehow become the default pasalubong from Hong Kong. They're expensive, hard to get, and delicious. I know cheese tarts here in Manila have also attracted long lines, but those lines basically were just inspired by the lines that Baked Cheese Tart caused. 

Located in Sogo mall, I remember vividly that in the starting days of this store, there was even a line to the line! Yes, there is a line to fall in line! There is a pre line area in a forlorn corridor in the grocery section, and only when the actual line in front of the Baked Cheese Tart store has shortened a bit will store staff allow people from the corridor line to move to the store line. So yes, there is a line to fall in line. Craaaay. 

#MondaysMadeBetter with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Monday, June 5, 2017

Yes, I know, Mondays are horrible. I am so happy that UP doesn't hold classes on Mondays because Mondays are the most abominable thing of all. 

CBTL gets that, too, that's why they decided to make Mondays less horrible by having a discounted ice blended beverage every Monday at just Php100! Be sure to always follow their social media accounts because they choose a different flavor to highlight every week. The week I went, their Mango Ice Blended was discounted that day to Php100. 

Date With Mama At Nono's (May 10, 2017)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thank you so much again, Nono's!!! 

Mom and I were sooo pampered when they treated us to a Mother's Day date early this month! 

Nono's is now a UPTC favorite we'll always look forward to because of all the homestyle favorites they serve. Chef Baba's vision for this restaurant is to be the sanctuary of all our childhood favorites, reminiscent of the goodness of home. I guess the right word to describe the place is "kanlungan" when it comes to the concept of the food. I felt that the foods brought this feeling of safety and security, because of all the homey feels to them. 

This concept was also conceived by Chef Baba somehow as a tribute to her dad whom she fondly calls Nono. 

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