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My Tokyo Tokyo Wagyu Cubes Experience

Monday, August 27, 2018

Who knew that it'd be this easy to enjoy wagyu? 

Wagyu usually is associated with exclusivity and rarity, but its addicting flavor really makes us crave for it 24/7. It's not always easy to make a trip to stores that specialize in wagyu given the extreme level of traffic these days. Plus, there are too many wagyu cubes places that no one knows where to get good ones anymore. Thankfully, Tokyo Tokyo now has their Wagyu Cubes Bento, so it's easy to get our wagyu fix anytime, anywhere (given that they have 60+ branches!). 

Tokyo Tokyo TriNoma Flagship Store Launch (August 23, 2018)

Weee!!! For once, a flagship store is near my house! 

Tokyo Tokyo unveiled its recently revamped and remodeled flagship store in TriNoma, and the good news is it's not just the place that got a makeover. They also unveiled new exclusive menu items that can only be found in their TriNoma branch! 

Sweet Tooth Therapy with Scout's Honor Cookies

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Strawberries from Baguio and cookies are a match made in heaven. 

More so, when it's Scout's Honor.

After being graciously treated to two boxes of Scout's Honor, my family had the week of their lives, as everyone was munching on strawberries and cookies everyday. The toaster oven's usual "Ding!" became more exciting and special, as each "Ding!" meant that a warm, gooey and chewy cookie was awaiting to be eaten. 

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