Food News: Tokyo Tokyo's Premium Wagyu Cubes Bento Is Here!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Manila, Philippines | June 2018 – Tokyo Tokyo has been constantly delivering their promise of bringing a taste of Japan closer to many Filipino’s by providing high quality Japanese food at affordable prices. This year, Tokyo Tokyo will be launching a new product that is sure to entice everyone’s cravings. They have taken a huge step in fast casual dining to deliver a premium quality dish that has long been loved in the Philippines.

Wagyu Cubes have been making a buzz in the recent years and have positioned itself as one of the fastest growing food trends in the Philippines. When people think of Wagyu Cubes the first thing that comes to mind is the hefty price tag that goes with this dish. Luckily, Tokyo Tokyo is now making premium wagyu cubes more affordable and accessible. Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Cubes are made from 100% locally-raised wagyu beef, transporting Filipinos to a Japanese taste adventure by giving us a premium Japanese experience. 

Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Cubes are grilled to perfection and glazed with smoky unagi sauce to give you the perfect balance of flavors. These three perfectly grilled sticks come in Tokyo Tokyo’s famous and familiar bento meal, served with vegetable misono and unlimited rice.
So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch now or call Tokyo Tokyo Delivery at 477-1000 to get a taste of the new Wagyu Cubes Bento!

Visit for more information and follow Tokyo Tokyo Philippines on Facebook and @tokyotokyophilippines on Instagram to learn more about the Wagyu Cubes Bento.

Life News: Fête PH app and Fête de la Musique 2018 Are Here!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Following the monumental success of last year’s edition of Fête de la Musique in Manila, which produced over 30 stages and welcomed more than 30,000 Filipino music enthusiasts, Alliance Française de Manille (AFM) and B-Side Productions are gearing up for a bigger and better celebration of music this year.
To help music fans in navigating the whole festival with ease, the organizers have partnered with Bizooku to develop the Fête PH mobile app,, which gathers all relevant information that Fête goers need to know about annual free-for-all music festival.
The app outlines the schedule of performances in the main stages as well as the schedule of events in the pocket stages. It also features a tab with maps, detailed addresses and contact numbers of all the venues for this year’s festival.
“The annual Fête de la Musique has garnered a huge following through the years. As it gets bigger, we would like to give music fans in the Philippines the best festival experience in every way possible,” says Jean-Pierre Dumont executive director of Alliance Française de Manille. “With the help of the mobile app, we are one step closer to that goal by keeping up with the times when everything is searchable online.”
Fête PH is now available for download both on Google Play and Apple Store.
Exciting line up of musical performances
For its 24th edition, Fête de la Musique will continue its tradition of producing several main stages in the Philippines. On June 23, 29, and 30, music fans around the country will be treated with the best of the local music scene.
The most sought-after bands and up-and-coming artists will perform in A-Venue Parking Lot and Greenbelt 3 Park in Makati City on June 23. The day’s performers include: Ourselves The Elves, Pedicab, Orange and Lemons, Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas, Kjwan, Motherbass, BP Valenzuela, and a lot more.
Meanwhile, on June 29, the Puerta Real Gardens in Intramuros will be transformed into a concert venue for Sandwich, Apartel, Ebe Dancel, Autotelic, Tom’s Story, and many more.
Lady’s Symphony, one of the rising names in the European electro-pop scene, will also fly to Manila to join the festivities. Composed of French DJ Liz Candy, violinist Nyna Loren, and percussionist Narjess Saad, Lady’s Symphony presents a new approach to House Music that takes the audience to a magical trip full of electronic rhythms and strong melodies.
Lady’s Symphony is ready to wow Filipino music fans on June 29 at Puerta Real Gardens in Intramuros.
There will also be main stages in Baguio City with Ang Bandang Shirley and Kat Agarrado, and in Pagsanjan, Laguna on June 30.
A pre-Fête main stage will also be held in Luneta Park on June 16.
As in previous years, the organizers have collaborated with different independent production outfits to create genre-based pocket stages that cater to all tastes in music.
On June 23, Makati City will be energized with more than 35 pocket stages scattered across different bars, restaurants, artistic spaces and cultural hubs.
Find out more about the music acts performing on the main stages and the events in the pocket stages by downloading the Fête PH app.

More than a music festival
Launched in France in the 1980s and then initiated by the French cultural centers abroad, the annual day of music-making Fête de la Musique has since expanded to over 800 cities and 120 countries with thousands of events worldwide.
In 1981, Maurice Fleuret, Director of Music and Dance at French Ministry of Culture, applied his reflections to the musical practice and its evolution – “the music everywhere and the concert nowhere.” When then-French Minister of Culture Jack Lang introduced the event in 1982, the objective was to bring music out into the streets, inviting all those who could play an instrument or carry a tune to perform. The festival, through the years, has expanded into an event that promotes camaraderie, artistic collaboration, and sharing of musical knowledge and experience.
In the Philippines, one of Fête de la Musique’s unique features is the simultaneous concerts in different venues for different musical genres. From pop to hip-hop, reggae to classical, electronic to jazz, the magic of Fête de la Musique transcends across all musical taste, bringing together people from all walks of life.
The 24th Edition of Fête de la Musique is presented by Alliance Française de Manille in partnership with B-Side Productions and the Embassy of France to the Philippines. The event is co-presented by San Miguel Corporation.

Life News: Learn New Things At Ocean Park Hong Kong's Animal Discovery Fest

Monday, April 16, 2018

(Hong Kong, April 2018) Ocean Park Hong Kong invites families to enjoy an exciting holiday filled with edu-tainment and activities which will test their knowledge of a wide array of land, air and sea animals at Ocean Park Animal Discovery Fest 2018 that launched on March 24 and will run up to May 6, 2018.

Jam-packed with brain-stimulating quizzes and experiential activities, the event looks to help family explorers decode myths like how to tell apart shark eggs, why birds build nests and the different types of nest they build, how sloths eat, how to rescue sea turtles, and more. For observant visitors who notice the colourful wristbands around the flippers of the Park’s penguins, not only can they crack the secret behind the colour coding, they can also customise a wristband to take home!

Even more exciting, families can get up-close with the capybara, the world’s largest rodent and red-handed tamarins, a group of small monkeys from the Amazon Rainforest with contrasting reddish-orange hair on their feet and hands, for the first time in a limited-time “Get Closer to the Animals” programme. Besides helping prepare snacks for them, guests will be able to feed and observe them at a close distance, and get first-hand information from their keepers about their lifestyles, diets, day-to-day care, and other inside stories.

Leo Kung, Chairman of Ocean Park, said, “Animal Discovery Fest makes for the perfect family outing this summer. It uses Ocean Park’s interactive natural environment and offers many creative ways to inspire children to learn, respect and appreciate mother nature.

We’re happy to make use of this as a learning tool for many visitors to appreciate animal life in this day and age.”

“Whiskers Express & the Miraculous Journey” featuring songs by Mark Lui

In addition to checking out limited-time animal programmes and workshops, families can go on an exciting adventure with the Park’s new characters – Whiskers & Friends. The Whiskers Theatre will transform into a train station for the “Whiskers Express & the Miraculous Journey”, in which Whiskers & Friends will take everyone on a thrilling adventure. With a captivating storyline, dances, juggling acts, interactive games, special stage effects and music, including songs written by famous composer Mark Lui, children can learn about how everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment for both humans and animals. Mark Lui is also working with Ocean Park on a new edu-taining 3D animation series on Whiskers & Friends’ exciting adventures.

Another activity not to be missed during Animal Discovery Fest is the Sea Life Digi-paint Workshop at Whiskers Harbour, where children can turn their creative paper paintings into 3D images on a gigantic digital panel. They will then be challenged to remove plastics and other rubbish from their digital paintings of the sea to make them beautiful again.

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Food News: Magnolia's Summer Flavors Are Here!

Monday, March 26, 2018

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning that “Kakaibang Summer” with your families and friends! We’ve rounded up the summer adventures that you can enjoy alongside the delicious treats from every Filipino family’s favorite ice cream manufacturer, Magnolia Ice Cream. We make spending your summer more irresistible with the Magnolia Ice Cream’s Best of the Philippines three new exciting flavors that offer a delectable trendy spin on the traditional favorite Filipino flavors you’ll surely love!

Looking for a weekender vacation spot just a few hours away from the city? Then Batangas is your best bet! Try out diving and swimming activities in the morning until late afternoon and campout at night with your kids, siblings, or pamangkins. Might it be sun bathing by the shore or laying beneath the starry night sky, you can always share and enjoy with everyone a tub of Magnolia Ice Cream’s Tablea Yema – a yummy toss-up between the thick and bittersweet taste of tablea chocolate swirled with the intensely rich custard goodness of yema fudge and ripple.   

If you’ve been wanting to hear the calming sound of the waves, see the beauty of the sunset and feel the sand between your toes, just let go of what’s holding you back and plan a beach trip with the entire family! While you’re at it, sing-a-long to summer tunes and indulge Magnolia Ice Cream’s Macapuno Caramel – a delightful combination of the sweet macapuno flavor with macapuno bits swirled with mellow yet rich caramel fudge.

Don’t worry if you have nothing planned out for the summer yet because you can still definitely make the most out of the season – even just at home! Gather the whole family and get ready for a game night every weekend. Create more unforgettable summer memories by playing your favorite board games or watching summer flicks while having a bowl of Magnolia Ice Cream’s Taro White Cheese – a perfect mix of dual based taro ice cream that has the right amount of sweetness and suits perfectly to the Filipino palette, complimented by white cheese ice cream that has the right balance between the sweet and salty taste, deliciously blended with a generous amount of creamy cheese bits for a decadent experience.

What are you waiting for? Indulge your summer cravings, cool down on a hot day, and experience a “Kakaibang Summer, Kakaibang Sarap!” season with Magnolia Ice Cream’s Best of the Philippines newest flavors that you definitely won’t find elsewhere! Taste as well the goodness of the other Magnolia Ice Cream’s Best of the Philippines flavors: Ube Keso, Ube Caramelized Sugar, Avocado Macchiato, Mango Salted Caramel and Mango Dark Chocolate. Get each tub for only P250 at your favorite supermarket and grocery stores today. For more information on how to have a Kakaibang Summer with Magnolia Ice Cream’s Best of the Philippines collection, visit and follow Magnolia Ice Cream’s social media accounts.

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Life News: Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Fest 2017 Invites Pinoys to Face Their Worst Nightmare

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Manila, Philippines | 6 October 2017 – Come one, come all! Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Fest 2017, the largest Halloween event in the region, is set to test the limits of fear with an intense nail-biting experience in unparalleled horror. This year’s celebration aims to take the bloodcurdling screams up several notches with 10 haunted attractions and 11 unique experiences, including the first-ever SAW themed attraction in Asia!

Lau Ming-wai, Deputy Chairman of Ocean Park, said, “Our signature seasonal event Halloween Fest is a key milestone in Ocean Park’s 40 years of history. As the pioneer in bringing the Halloween festivity into a theme park environment, we began with only one haunted attraction in our first year. Today, we have grown Halloween Fest to be the largest of its kind in Asia, and we are thrilled to partner with Lionsgate this year to create Asia’s first SAW-themed attraction, which resonates with our commitment to bringing the best Halloween experiences to the region.”

Immersing Guests in Terrifying Experiences from Lionsgate’s SAW
SAW, this year’s headline attraction, is bound to show guests their deepest fears and provide them with unique excitements as the powerhouse SAW film franchise comes to life at Ocean Park. The reverse bear trap, the twisted razor wire maze, and more fatal snares await to evoke psychological terrors for guests. The Jigsaw Killer has laid out his infamous traps for guests to experience firsthand, including a living preview from the long-awaited eighth installment, JIGSAW, which is scheduled to open in theaters on 26 October 2017. 

Joyful Festival by Day, Deadly Party by Night
Bringing the festive ambiance of Mexico's famous traditional celebration Day of the Dead to Ocean Park, this year's transforming attraction offers guests two unique Halloween experiences in Latin American style. In daytime, guests are invited to a jubilant party hosted at Festival of Souls presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong, where dead spirits dress up in colourful UV costumes and put on skull masks for their celebration. By donning a pair of 3D glasses, guests can check out the attraction’s festive decorations and stunning patterns in detail, including the Mexican village and church, while taking plenty of photos with the singing and dancing spirits. However, guests should be aware that the spirits will turn hellish as soon as the sun goes down at 5:30 p.m. during Night of the Dead.  Enraged spirits will spring out of the haunted cemetery in search of live human flesh. Guests will also be trapped by illusion hallway, a mirror maze and even a sinister banquet.

Spooky but Fun Celebrations for Adults and Kids
Ocean Park Halloween Fest has prepared light-hearted Halloween surprises for family guests. At Whiskers Harbour’s Whiskers & Friends Halloween Party, the Park’s beloved mascots will show up together in their brand-new Halloween costumes. Kids can also join a creative mask-making workshop to boost their Halloween look and take photos with all seven of the cute mascots at this fun-filled party. Elsewhere Spooky Candy Factory, the largest outdoor trick-or-treat trail in Hong Kong is returning again for guests to play mini games and win Chupa Chups, Mentos and Tim Tam chocolate biscuits. These two family-friendly attractions will be available daily from 5 to 31 October to spread the Halloween fun across the generations.

Among the 10 Halloween attractions and 11 unique experiences, horror aficionados will also experience other types of intense fear at Rise of the Ancient Evil and Kowloon Ghost City. For the first time ever, PHOBIA Experience, a cluster of haunting attractions including Phobia 17, Dark Maze and Down to Hell presented by Kraft Heinz, is staged to take guests' senses to the limits. More Halloween Fest favourites including Scaremonies – Hell’s Grand Finale and Scare Zone – Alley of the Dead, are also back with guaranteed scares for guests.

So gather up your squad, book a flight to Hong Kong and headline the fear factor challenge brought by Ocean Park Hong Kong! It’s time to put yourself to the test and see where your courage can take you this Halloween 2017!

For more details on Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2017, please visit
*Individual Halloween attractions have different opening times.

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