Pepper Lunch and Some Adventures (June 16, 2014)

Friday, June 20, 2014

I just love Pepper Lunch. I remember years back when we had this in Singapore. It was about 6 years ago that there still weren't any outlets here in the Philippines. We loved the concept so much that we were really pleased when we found out months later that they were already setting up shop here in the Philippines. 

Whatever I order from them, I always end up happy. 

This time I ordered their beef pepper rice.

And I basically bathed the whole thing with their honey brown sauce. I prefer this sauce over their steak sauce. 

This is probably one of those foods that look horrible but taste really good once eaten... I mean it may be just beef, rice, and corn, but there's an unknown magic to how they do things that the end result just tastes so nice. Or maybe it's because I'm the type of person who is so obsessed with eating hot food that I microwave my food thrice the amount of time my mom does with her food. 

And here's mama's beef and salmon. She ate half then took the other half home, she's got like 1/4 of my appetite. 

I'm not into eating rice but I have this weird penchant for looking at bowls of rice. I mean like look at this beauty.

And here's the universal sign that the customer is happy. 

In another adventure, I was amused during my trip to Handyman as they already have Blender Bottles in all the cute colors! I remember that about a year ago, you could only see the black ones in GNC. But now, there are a lot of vibrant colors. Even True Value has this! 

What's special about this is that it's a jug with a dome shaped lid that comes with a stainless steel spring shaped like a sphere. When you shake the jug, the spring moves and helps to dissolve things. This is what I use for protein shakes (its intended use), and when I make milk teas at home. Dissolving a lot of  sugar into a cold drink can be quite a tiring task which is why this helps a lot. This also helps a lot when I'm dissolving honey into water because it gets the job done in less time and requires less effort. 

Actually, you can even use this to mix and prepare pancake batter or cupcake batter (if the recipe isn't sensitive) and just shove the whole jug into the fridge when you want to store the leftovers. 

This really is geared towards mixing things because the snap lid is really really tough and stays put when it needs to= no issues of shaking then making a big mess because the lid accidentally popped open. And the dome shaped lid also allows for more space for the liquid to move in while shaking so that you can get a good mixture even if you fill the whole jug up.  

And I have no idea who thought of making these crystal encrusted tumblers but I honestly want one just so I could say I own a crystal encrusted tumbler... 

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