Exploits in Photography (June 22, 2014)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I love the filters Canon 70D has. A lot of people tell me how lucky I am that technology has afforded me to not buy physical filters anymore as a lot of effects and filters are already built in the camera. 

For my beauty shots, I like the soft focus and the fish eye functions. I use the soft focus to blur out imperfections and all, and fish eye for lip swatches to magnify the lips for my readers. 

For nature and landscapes, though, I like to use the grainy black and white function. 

I also like to use the watercolor filter. 


The roof of a hut

Weeds and sprouts


Banana tree stump

Mushrooms in the soil

Seashells which are for some reason in the soil too 

Rust on a can

Grass and weeds

The same roofing on the hut as awhile ago

More grass

 Banana tree stump

Pebbles in the soil

The same mushroom as awhile ago

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