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Cupcakes by Sonja with my BFF

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hooray for cupcakes! I recall when I first tried a Sonja's cupcake. It was about 2007 or 2008 I think, and back then, the only branch was at the fancy Boni-high branch they had. I also remember that their simpler cupcakes were only Php40-50, the most expensive being Php80-90 I think, and at that time it was also already considered very posh and fancy. I remember how back then, it was unheard of to make people pay that much for a cupcake. Sonja was the one who pioneered selling gourmet cupcakes in the Philippines if I'm not mistaken. 

I also think that it's because of her which is why it's become more 'acceptable' for people to pay Php100 for a single cupcake, with Php50 cupcakes encountered in less swanky shops or in school bake sales. 

As for the BFF part of the title, it's because my BFF Denivee and I had a date here just yesterday at their TriNoma branch. She had just come from a movie date with other friends, and I figured that she must have been full from lunch and possibly the popcorn and movie snacks that i thought that this would be a nice place where we could have a snack and have quality time (aka chika-chismis-lerler time). 

I've always had a hard time describing the store because wherever I went, there'd a wannabe socialite who'd correct me with how to pronounce Sonja's name. Some would snarkily say it's 'Son-yuh' withh a sossy pronunciation, and some would say that it's 'Son-dja.' Thankfully, there was this one interview that I read where she was specifically asked how to say her name and it turns out to be the latter.

I think some of you can relate given how a lot of people who own cupcake stores name their stores like 'Cupcakes by XXXX' or 'Cupcakes from XXXX.'

Even their tip box is so cute! I'm kinda inspired to make decoden cupcakes again hahaha. 

Sister (yeah we call each other sisters) carrying our orders. I was taking photos this time which is why she agreed to take the tray.

I actually wonder how Sonja stays that slim even when she owns a successful cupcake shop. Either she's best friends with Dr. Belo, or she is a sorcerer by secret, or maybe she's slim and it's her whole family who's fat because they might be the ones feasting on all the goodies she makes (???) 

I'm actually happy that in the past few years a lot of things have been opening up here in the North because it's an extreme effort for us to go to BGC. Heck, even Greenhills is already an effort for people like us who live so near SM north and TriNoma! I actually never thought that there'd come a day when swanky stores would open in our side of town... 

And here's sister with her Red Velvet Vixen. I suggested this to her because it turns out to be her first time to eat a Sonja cupcake.

I usually recommend their red velvet for the first timers because I personally feel that Sonja was the one who set the standards for how a red velvet cupcake is supposed to taste like in the Philippines.

In the latter parts of my red velvet eating life, I've developed a deeper desire for Karen's Kitchen Red Velvet cakes, but I have also heard of people who have tried both but still prefer Sonja's because her frosting has more grit than Karen's. Nonehteless, cake wise, both of them have good cakes.

I actually don't know if it's just me, or if their cupcakes have become redder. I think I kinda remember these cupcakes being ruby red colored and not stoplight red colored. I wonder how many bottles of red food coloring went into this cupcake hahahaha.

You guys should wait for my mom to make her own red velvet, because being the health buff she is, there's bound to be no red food coloring. Like imagine this cupcake you're seeing right now, without the red. It'll be known as either brown velvet, brown satin, or rebellious red velvet cupcakes.

My lifetime favorite has been their Choco Cream Pie. I remember like five years ago, when everyone was caught up with Vanilla Sunshine and Red Velvet Vixen, my mom (who at the time was already a health buff) decided that we both share with one of it. We were so impressed-- I mean it had everything you could like in a dessert: oreos, cream, pudding, and chocolatey goodness <3 

Even my brother has developed a penchant for this in the recent weeks after I've introduced this to him. He personally feels that it's good as it's got a lot of flavors but isn't too sweet. 

I personally feel that the oreo adds to a deep flavor, the pudding adds to this sweet flavor, and the cream is just something that tastes gentle that balances the two elements.

As for why I had no photos of the cupcakes in the middle of consumption is because at the end of the day, this is a girl's chika session-- there's too much chismis to discuss that there's no time to take photos of the in between. 

This is just the photo I took before we left the premises hahaha. 

I like the rustic interiors of the store... if only I can bring my softbox so that the photos won't turn out this yellow! hahaha...

And apparently they now have milkshakes... I'm actually very intrigued by the bacon and waffle flavor... I wonder how it'd taste? I mean I've been making bacon ice cream, but seeing bacon in a milkshake is also a new thing. I'll probably try this on my next visit.

In general all of the milkshakes seem really really good, but since I can't try all four in one sitting, I'd probably have to try one each visit hahaha.

So that's it for this eat out. Till next time!

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