My Not so Usual Breakfast (June 9, 2014)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My usual breakfast consists of oatmeal and a beverage, either milk or milk tea, so whenever I don't have that combo, I call it an unusual breakfast. This meal is one of those. 

It's my second time to try Lucky Me's Lomi. The first time I tried it, I felt that it was okay. I mean it could be a little bit more shrimp tasting, but overall if you're really craving for lomi, this will already be a good substitute. 

I usually do elaborate things for dinner, but I'm a lazy person in the morning that the less work I have to do, the better. This is why boiling water in the morning is already quite a task for me hahaha. 

This is one of those 'special' noodles whose instructions say that you can only put the noodles in once the water is boiling. Because usually, I turn the stove on, put the noodles in, and come back to check after two music videos have played in Channel V. 

They're also quite thick so I think it helps to overboil a bit because the outside may seem soft but the core is still dry and stiff.

And these are the eggs I'll add in. I have no idea why I love eggs, or if it's just a normal thing and the other people aren't admitting it.

In the recent days I've been training myself to crack eggs with one hand only, and I've been practicing with both hands. So far, these eggs were cracked properly, but too bad I'm going to scramble them anyways. 

After the eggs have been added in and the heat turned off, I have my lomi now. 

The other part of this simple breakfast is a slice of Emborg brand Camembert cheese. I personally love Emborg brand. 

It started last year when I went grocery shopping with le mama and she let me select the milk to buy. As I was reading the labels, I was positively surprised that a liter of Emborg milk was just Php70 versus Php77 of Magnolia and Selecta and the Php80-something of Nestle and Cowhead. I thought that there was a hoax or something, but indeed, it was a liter and so were its competitors, and it's made in Germany. The taste was also impeccable. It tastes super nice as it's creamy without being too heavy on the tongue, and it tastes so natural that you can feel the cow's love. Nestle's milk has a faint blood taste (could possibly be due to over milking of the cows' udders that they're bleeding), and Selecta's milk tastes like Ensure Vanilla and evaporated milk combined. 

Since then I've been looking for Emborg stuff when it comes to dairy. I also love their butter. This is my first wheel of cheese from them but I also like it a lot. 

This cheese kind of reminds me of Beyonce's Single Ladies because I was surprised when I read a DailyMail article of this lady getting worried because she ate Camembert while pregnant. Turns out there's a taboo against Brie, Camembert and similar cheeses, and only hard cheeses like cheddar are allowed during pregnancy. 

I love cheeses like these, I mean they're soft, gooey, and they're not sour that for a sleepyhead, the taste isn't shocking. I also like the mild saltiness, especially as you approach the shell or the crust or whatever you call it. 

And today's beverage is Bear Brand. There's no such thing as an age limit for this because I have a feeling that even when I'm in my 90's I'll still be asking for this. 

So that's it for this unusual breakfast. 

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