Hogalbi Late Night Dinner

Friday, July 4, 2014

We went to the annual Crocs sale last night expecting that we'd probably just check out the items, and bring home at most one pair for my mom. We were soooo wrong as the items were so cheaply priced that it was impossible to walk out of the sale withut getting anything, especially for someone like me who has really big feet that stores rarely stock up on my size. 

We were so exhausted from the sale that despite having a light dinner, we were super hungry after we paid for our shoes. Initially my mom thought that this place must be a shady bar as it was still open at 9PM, but thankfully, it's actually quite a family friendly place. 

This is formerly Buma restaurant, and I'm not sure if someone else bought the property and made another restaurant or the owners of Buma repackaged their business and turned it into Korean food instead of Japanese seafood, but meh, whatever. I care about the kimchi more. 

Stew (sorry, I wasn't able to take note of the name!) with beef slices ala sukiyaki and mushrooms 


Bulgogi BiBimbap. I like their bibimbab as it's 50% rice ad 50% toppings, not the usual 80% rice and 20% toppings kind of bibimbab bowls other places have. I was positively surprised that it had this much beef and that the rice was buried in a lot of vegetables. 

Kimchi set for tonight. I especially loved the lower left one, which seems to be preserved fish. They loved the upper middle one-- it looked the least palatable in the bunch, but it's actually the tastiest. It turns out to be potatoes with a sweet-salty sauce made of soy sauce and corn syrup. 

And this is the table after everything. 

Hogalbi is in Tiendesitas, formerly Buma restaurant. :D 

They also have dinner buffet at Php699 per head. 

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