Mama's Munggo Stew and Beef Soup

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Munggo stew is something that our family has loved for a very very long time, and very recently mama decided to give it a try. All these years we've been eating munggo stews from restaurants and turo-turo stores that it was about time we made it ourselves. 

So this is a hearty bowl of mama's stew, filled with munggo, okra, and love. 

And usually we're also very excited whenever we see this crock pot because it just means that mama is about to prepare her beloved beef soup. She gets a big bag of giniling and puts it into a crock pot with herbs and spices and leaves it to cook for like 6 hours. The end result is a really tasty broth and tender beef bits. 

Instead of pressure cooking, mama prefers the crock pot method because food is less likely to get burned here given that it cooks slowly at a low heat. For someone like her who does so much and multitasks everyday, this is her preferred method of cooking this stew because she doesn't need to watch over it. She can just turn the heat up and go on with her other errands. 

And she's kinda afraid to use pressure cookers, too, given all the recent scares that person X's house exploded or person X was injured because the pressure cooker exploded by itself.

I think it's only my mom who likes to put okra in this because by far all the munggo stews I've had focus more on the munggo and pork, I don't even remember eating okra from someone else's stew.

Yes I ate that whole bowl by myself. I don't like eating rice which is why I usually take advantage of dishes like these and treat the munggo as my source of carbs for the meal.

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