Lazy Man's Mussel Chowder Recipe

Monday, June 9, 2014

This is the kind of mussel chowder for the lazy person. I was so lazy doing this that I didn't take a photo of the chowder. Anyway, here's the recipe: 

Lazy Man's Mussel Chowder:
Cook Time: About 10 minutes

Serves about 5
10 blast frozen-blast cooked mussels (or whatever number you have) 
1 can Campbell's condensed cream of mushroom soup
Enough milk to fit Campbell's Soup Can
1 250-mL tetra pak of all purpose cream
1 can mushrooms, sliced 
1L water 
Leftover cheese
Dried Basil leaves (to taste) 

1.) Empty the condensed soup onto a pot and dilute it with a can-ful of milk. Stir well. 
2.) Add the water in. 
3.) Turn on the stove, keep it on low to medium heat. Add in cream and mushrooms.
4.) Once the stew is boiling, add the mussels
5.) Add in leftover cheese to taste.
6.) Add dried basil leaves, to taste, too.
7.) Boil for a few more minutes then serve while hot. 

Perfect for a rainy day when everybody's lazy... 

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