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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

To those who are looking for a bed and breakfast that gives free flowing Starbucks brewed coffee, this is it.

Well, the statement above is true, but at least I got your attention now. My godmother really does provide free flowing Starbucks brand brewed coffee to parties who'll book for 10 or more people in her bed and breakfast. 

Welcome to Tampay sa Sinagtala. This is one of the six bed and breakfast houses in Sinagtala resort in Orani, Bataan. This house in specific can accommodate up to thirty people, has cable TV, and has five bedrooms available for bookings. 

The name Tampay comes from the Tagalog word for serenity. And given how peaceful and quiet it is here, the name is a fitting name. 

As for sleeping, Tampay has three types of rooms: regular, family, and (coming soon!) deluxe.

This is the regular room. It's got two single beds (which I think is really just good for one person), and floor space enough for 2-3 people to put a mattress on. They do have futon-like mattresses, just ask in advance.

This room has about three windows and a large glass door, and curtains for everything I just mentioned. 

Though there is no air conditioning yet, they have a ceiling fan for those who feel that the wind here still isn't strong enough.

This grey chair also seems to be a sofa bed, but I didn't really open it up to see for myself...

And yehey for TV! But don't expect this TV to have the best resolution because the general signal here is not very strong given how high up in the mountains it is. 

In front of the closet is this small chair area, with a body mirror and all. In general the room has two beds, but in terms of maximization you can fit up to five people in here. 

This is what's supposedly the deluxe room. Actually, my godmother isn't renting this out on a regular basis. But I think they can compromise and rent this out if there are guests in a wheelchair as this room is the largest room that a guest can access without having to use stairs. 

Since this is a new place, the fixtures are posh, clean, and modern. 

The other feature that makes this room special is that it's got this sink and counter area as well as the sofa set in the previous photo that for guests who have trouble walking, they can probably request their meals to be brought here. I am not yet very sure as to how they plan to feed guests who are in wheelchairs (as the dining area is one floor down via stairs), but I see this as a possibility given how much additional furniture and space this room has compared to the regular room. 

This is their family room. Basically, the beds are about 1.5x the size of those in the regular room. 

The toilet and bathroom area is also a bit bigger compared to the regular room, but more or less the shower enclosures and amenities in the bathrooms are the same. 

And like the deluxe room this room also has a sofa set and tables. While this room is also big and has ample furniture, you need to climb stairs to get to these rooms which is why the deluxe room would be the better choice for guests who are in wheelchairs. 

Climb one more floor up and here's their telescope and stargazing area. They also have a grill here (not sure if guests can barbecue by themselves though), but guests who'll visit on a clear night can use the hammock while looking at the stars. 

This is a good place to enjoy the fresh air and have a nice view of the mountainside.

And this is the "penthouse" of the house. 

While you can't view the mountainside as well when you're here, the view is also breathtaking and calming. 

These were the best pork liempo slabs we had in our whole lives. 

The dining area from outside.. it's actually very spacious as guests can eat outside on a sunny day aside from occupying the dining table inside. All in all, at least 30 people can eat at the same time in this area if one will utilize the whole space (outside and inside) and not add/subtract tables or chairs. These chairs outside will not be shadeless for long, too, as they're growing vines to cover the roof. The vines are still toddlers so it'll take a few more months for the whole roof to be covered. 

For those who have forgotten their snacks or some essentials (like napkins and other feminine stuff), they have a small area where guests can buy additional snacks, wine, beer, or other toiletries. They do not sell cigarettes though. But it's because the place is meant to be a source of fresh air away from the city-- bringing cigs just defeats the purpose of coming here. 

This is their kitchen where staff members prepare the meals. Guests who will book the whole house for longer periods of time can use this kitchen to prepare their meals and will be assisted by staff. 

And yaaay it's mealtime! Though this is not what they regularly feed people during breakfast, guests can request for these items and negotiate prices, or ask for these items for lunch or dinner. 

So we had grilled chicken thighs. I love how everything is just thighs huhu so many drumstick.

And these are the liempo slices from awhile ago, all chopped up. 

Because my godmother knows me so well, she had crabs prepared. I love crabs so much that in virtually all the parties I've attended, I can safely say that I've eaten the most crabs among all the guests.  

And aside from crabs I also like shrimps which is why these prawns made a special appearance today. 

I guess this is what they call a balanced meal?

And this is my godmother's homemade XO sauce spiked with bagoong. This has a funny backstory because she didn't really compute conversion rates during her Macau trip and bought the best dried scallops (which came with a hefty Php10k/kilo price tag) not realizing that they were that expensive. When she came back home and had her friend come over to teach her how to do it, the friend was so shocked that she got the best scallops because they usually just use small and ugly scallops precisely for the reason that the pretty ones cost so much. 

So I guess it's safe to say that I was able to eat the most luxurious XO sauce in town?

And this is the aftermath. I told you I like crabs. Don't judge me. #defensive 

After the meal we had cookies to wash everything down. (yes I really mean 'wash everything down' because I was in my normal pataygutom self and had three of these)

And this is the view from the backyard. If you look more closely, there are trees and all that, but if you look towards the distance, it's actually a really beautiful scenery. I like how high up this place is that you can see the fog over the areas in lower altitudes. This is the house with the best view in the complex. 

To end this post here is a photo which I felt was very very cute. I rarely see chicken families in real life because I usually see just lone chickens here in the city (like the ones for cockfighting or those for egg laying who are usually alone in their cages) that it was so amusing for me to see this family walking by.  And usually when I see chickens together it's not in places like these but in the frozen section of the grocery so yeah. 

You can find Tampay sa Sinagtala through the following: 
Phone: 0922 862 9633 
To get there, kindly check out the pages for directions as I cannot give any useful information. 

Rates are as follows: 
Standard room- Php2500/night for two people, +Php500/additional head   
Family room- Php3500/night for two people, +Php500/additional head
Deluxe room- N/A (this is not normally rented out)
*All aforementioned rates come with breakfast for each declared guest
*They also prepare lunch, just ask ahead of time. Lunch is usually about Php150/head, but the final price depends on what food you want to eat.

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