Sinagtala, Orani, Bataan

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Field trip time! Last Sunday I paid a visit to a really really really remote place in Bataan. It's a resort/retreat house/bed and breakfast complex called Sinagtala. It's so remote in the sense that from Bulacan it took us 1.5 hours to get here, and the signage you see below is a signage leading to a mountain, and on the end of the mountain is where the resort is. 

But I guess this is exactly why people come here. It's so remote that it's like you feel this sense of safety from the stress of city life. It really is a good place for a retreat because it's got a good view of the mountains, has a lot of mini-farms and plantations, and there's a chapel. And the trip getting there is already relaxing as it is because you'd be cruising along roads srewn in the middle of the mountains, the valleys, and the other gifts of nature. 

 This is one of those chapels where it doesn't feel hot despite having no air conditioning. The place is surrounded by so many trees that even in June's turbulent heat-rain weather, the weather here is cool and windy.

And they have a multi purpose hall so they can host weddings and all that. 

The trip to get here is quite long, but if you're with fun people and if you like nature, I think it's a good use of two and a half hours (assuming you come from Manila). 

The concept of Sinagtala is that it's a complex with a chapel, a restaurant, a spa, a multi purpose hall, and they have six houses situated in it. These houses are bed and breakfast nooks owned by private individuals who do not own the whole place, and they offer different rates and different meals in their respective houses. You can choose which house to stay in, but in the case of hosting a wedding or a large conference, you can coordinate to book all six houses. Each house accommodates between 20-30 people, depending on the size. 

And here's their chapel. 

I like this Jesus image a lot because it's made of glued up pieces of coffee wood, contrary to the usual statue that looks like it was carved from a single piece of wood. It's also amusing that their Jesus statue is not painted and just comes as it is. 

This is their multi purpose hall. 

Don't worry, they have evaporative air conditioners. But in general this place is so high up in the mountains that it's cool and windy that I actually wonder as to who might need this. 

This room is probably 100 square meters, if my estimations are correct.

This is their spa. I wasn't able to go inside it, but it seems fun to go to. 

I also didn't go inside Star cafe, but for information purposes, this is their restaurant. Not all the house owners regularly make lunch and dinner, which is why you can arrange to have other meals here.

And these are some of the houses.

This is the house with the most chickens. If you're nice to the owner, maybe, just maybe, there'd be a chance you'd get free eggs hahaha. 

This is the house with the best view of the mountainside as its backyard is kinda like a viewing deck. 

I think this is the best house to stay in if you want to go swimming because I think it's nearest to the infinity pool. The pool seemed to be closed the day I visited that I wasn't able to see it, but I was told such an amenity exists. 

Just some proof about what I said that this place's surroundings are full of trees.

And some of the chickens from the house with the most chicks. 

And some photos I took on the way home. 

You can contact them through their Facebook page here

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