Tim Ho Wan for Breakfast (June 17, 2014)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I was just so happy when my brother came home the other night with a Tim Ho Wan bag in tow. It's undeniably the 'it' restaurant right now and I was extremely curious to find out about how their food tasted like.  

He brought home what seems to be their take on asado buns. I was actually surprised because given the exterior of these buns I thought they were dessert. 

Oh look at those fluffy buns. 

At first bite, I was still assuming that they were dessert buns because the outer part of the bun tastes sweet and crumbly and buttery. It's flaky and buttery at the same time that you would really think of Danish pastry if you still haven't reached the meat yet. 

The meat itself tastes good, it's got a nice sauce and the meat is really soft. I just wish that there were less fats and a bit more meat morsels because there were times that it felt too oily on the throat. 

Nonetheless, the buns are really good. 

And the other item for breakfast is this pack of fresh lumpia mama picked up from suki market. I love their lumpia as the wrapper is thick and moist (not the usual dry and tough wrapper) and the contents are also tasty.  

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