Landers' Christmas Gift To Me

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Thank you so much Landers for the Christmas gift! 

To those who may not be aware, my blog post over Landers' opening weekend went viral and is the best performing post in this blog of all time. In fact, the virality it achieved is a first for my whole blogging career spanning 4 blogs and more than 4 years. 

They really couldn't have sent this over since they already got their mileage (through the viral post which I did myself), and yet they did. I'm so thankful for their effort in sending a really exciting treat that after receiving this my mom and I went on another shopping spree at their store hahaha.

I am so sorry this post came out so late because I was so busy over the holiday season getting over backlogs. I have plenty of backlogs on the other blog so I was working round the clock, even during the holidays, to get things done. 

Anyways they sent over an overwhelming Ferrara treat tower. I was expecting holiday presents, but not from them. When this came over my mom was soooo ecstatic about how grand this was. 

My mom is the obvious winner because not only is this a treat tower, this is inherently a set of four gorgeous boxes for all sorts of applications. 

So I got mint candies...

Amd cookies...

And cookie pretzels...

And popcorn...

Honestly, even till now, we haven't even consumed half of this! It's crazyyyy with how many things are going on in this tower. We already shared a lot of the candy and the popcorn, but we still have them! 

Thank you so much, Landers, for the wonderful (and unexpected) holiday treat! 

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