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Monday, June 5, 2017

Yes, I know, Mondays are horrible. I am so happy that UP doesn't hold classes on Mondays because Mondays are the most abominable thing of all. 

CBTL gets that, too, that's why they decided to make Mondays less horrible by having a discounted ice blended beverage every Monday at just Php100! Be sure to always follow their social media accounts because they choose a different flavor to highlight every week. The week I went, their Mango Ice Blended was discounted that day to Php100. 

This is their Mango Ice blended which we brought home. Mondays are abominable so even waaay before this campaign was done, I think we've all been subconsciously doing all sorts of little things to make ourselves feel better about Mondays. I would make beverages for myself, too, at home. Or I'd do my nails. Or watch a good show. Basically anything to condition me that Mondays aren't as horrible as they are hahaha. 

Their mango ice blended beverage is a creamy and refreshing take on mango. Usually people make mango shakes, but this one with cream and milk is also something new. Sweet mangoes on a milky base makes for a dreamy Monday. 
Their new honey themed beverages are definitely things to be tried! Be sure to check them out on your next visit. This was sooo good because I think we all like honey, but businesses often do not capitalize on the flavor of honey. I once was able to order coffee with honey in a French themed café, so honey coffee ice blended sounds good to me, too.

Honestly, I am already waiting for the Monday that this flavor will be the featured flavor because it's so new and interesting. I feel that most of CBTL's competitors are often expanding on their coffee based beverages, so I like that they are exploring new cream based flavors.

And wow, just like that, because subconsciously I want this to be discounted, I'm looking forward to a Monday. CBTL is smart hahaha.

Dad was the one who enjoyed their Blueberry Cheesecake, but I always will think of CBTL as the blueberry place because of this and their awesome Blueberry Muffins.

Speaking offff, this is their Blueberry Muffin. I love their muffin because their muffin has a genuinely good helping of real blueberries inside. I feel that a lot of people that make blueberry muffins merely open canned blueberries then apply the blueberry sauce on top of the muffin to make it look appealing. This one has real blueberries inside, and they ain't fooling anyone with strategically placed sauce.

Mom loves their muffins a lot because mom loves blueberry muffins and loves it when there is a generous supply of real blueberries. This muffin, in specific, is buttery, filling, but not too heavy or overwhelming to the tummy. It's just right. I hate it when a muffin is too dense, solid, and dry that I feel like I'm choking as I eat the muffin. This is just the right level of moist, crumbly, and filling.

And of course, I always love their choices of pasta. I forgot what dish this is called, but this basically has hearty chunks of chicken with fresh and earthy shiitake mushroom. A real treat to turn around a bad Monday.

Be sure to watch out for what treats CBTL will have for the Mondays to come! 

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