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Monday, February 6, 2017

Sooo sorry for this late post! My mom and I went to Landers last December (or early January I don't even know anymore) to update our stocks at home. I thought I'd share some of the stuff which I think are interesting that I haven't featured the last time around, or items which I just discovered recently. So here goes! 

They apparently have plenty of quilt sets, a lot like what goes on in TJ Maxx or Century 21. I don't remember seeing a duvet selection this extensive that I thought it'd be worth mentioning. 

This Pasabahce cup and saucer set may not be the most eyecatching set out there but I took a photo of this one to take note of. We personally like to snack around and have beverages while working on our laptops here at home, so being able to have one place to put our mugs and snacks on sounds like a good idea.

I took a photo of this stackable box set simply because the colors are too cute!!! Personally I can't see any use for this item in our house right now given all the boxes and storage devices we have. But I think that this'll be a good addition to homes with young children still in school as these are perfect for sorting papers (due to the size and flatter shape). These can also serve as good repositories for school supplies or toys, especially lego blocks.

They are apparently also stocking medical devices like these comfort bowls (sorry I don't know what it's called), walking sticks and supporters. If you ever need these items in an emergency and have no time to research niche stores that sell medical supplies like these, at least you know Landers is the way to go.

From the beginning I've felt that Landers has the best pet selection amongst all the superstores in the country.

There is a good supply of dog food and I feel that they are able to serve the clients who want something more than what is commonly seen in our pet stores and something else from private labels.

As a cat owner I can speak better that they really do have an expansive cat food collection. I like that they have Whiskas in other flavors aside from what is seen in the groceries because thus far, it's only been Friskies that has been making the effort to add more flavors to current collections.

I like that they have quite large bags of Whiskas because most other stores usually sell the very small bags. My cats like both Friskies and Whiskas, but my mama cat gets really excited over Whiskas so I always like to have plenty of options when it comes to this brand.

To add, they sell Fancy Feast in bulk!!! Weeeell this isn't inherently cheaper at Php1200 for 30 cans (some places sell this at Php45-50 per can so maybe then it'd be called savings), but I think some of the flavors are imported. I don't think I've seen those yet here. There's Whitefish and Tuna feast, Chicken Feast and Gravy, and Salmon feast.

My own cats are getting quite fat, too, so I'd understand the dog owners who may want diet bowls like these.

Personally I am sooo in love with their stainless steel pet bowls; these bowls are what my own cats use. They say that non-plastic bowls are better for cats in order to prevent acne on their chins, that's why I made the switch. I like that these are affordable inspite of being stainless steel. For cat owners who want to try another kind of bowl, this might be a good choice. The 16oz. bowls are actually too big for cats, so if you own dogs, I think they'd make a good choice.

And *le gasp* they have Nutella in buckets!!!! Craaaaazyyyyyy 

For those who need spices, Badia now has a complete shelf of spices and seasonings in Landers. If you're in need of rare herbs or spices you might find them here.

My new discovery is Ocean's SnacKit, which they sent to me awhile back. The canned tuna already is in spread format with mayonnaise, so it will really save you a lot of time when you're in a rush. The rice crackers are really good, too.

To my shock, there's now a Mangosteen beverage! I didn't buy this though I am very curious to see what people are saying about this.

Good news! For those who are looking for Folgers in a small size, they have it Landers. Since they're smaller, it's more accessible for those who may just want to try this first. I don't know much about coffee so this is OK to me just like any other coffee brand hahaha.

Last but not the least, I think this is the perfect gift for new moms! Mother's Day isn't too far away, so if you're looking to find something useful for a friend or a family member, I think this set is good. This sells for 1399.75 and already has big bottles of lotion, body wash, shampoo, powder, Desitin, and other goodies. In fact, I think people should know that the ultimate mommy starter pack gift can be found here in Landers. I may just be 23, but I already have friends my age who have kids, so it's becoming realer and realer to me that I need to be prepared with gift ideas for new moms.

So yaaay, till the next visit!!! 

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