Thursday, February 2, 2017

The world is at your feet and you want to share what you have, what you can do and how life is so exciting. Dont settle for snapshots and show off your world in all its glory -- with true to life colors all shared in real time with just a touch of a finger. So go ahead. Dream. Make your mark. #getMpowered.

This is the message behind #getMpowered, a campaign launched to champion how anyone can capture their life’s passion through photography with Canon, then share and express themselves to the world effortlessly. This is made possible with Canon’s line of EOS M mirrorless cameras. Everyone has something that empowers them. Whether it's a sport, a hobby, a passion or even another individual. By capturing these moments and sharing them with others, that feeling of empowerment is made even stronger. As a leader and pioneer in the imaging industry, Canon’s role is to help these users, whether they be a budding beginner or veteran professional, capture their passion through photography.

The EOS M series of cameras recently introduced its latest addition with the high-end EOS M5, which joined the EOS M3 and EOS M10, completing the lineup. Each of the cameras feature sleek, compact and lightweight bodies that are made possible only by its mirrorless nature. With its EOS heritage, both image quality and performance will impress both beginners, aspiring photographers, and the very best professionals in the field. All three cameras also feature WiFi and NFC, a necessity in a day and age where taking photos and sharing them online is expected to happen within minutes.

Within the EOS M line, the EOS M10 gives users a camera that is accessible, powerful but also fun. In addition to being the most affordable choice, the EOS M10 can be outfitted with several colorful jackets to complement your style. To showcase this element of the camera, Canon partnered with a wide range of young trendsetters that embodied the #getMpowered message. Janina Vela - the bubbly rising YouTube star, Jill Tan - food writer behind The Food Scout, Neil Dy - fashion model and athlete, and Patrick Martin - travel filmmaker and social entrepreneur. Each of them showcase an infectious passion for their craft, now amplified by the EOS M10.

The EOS M3 and M5 on the other hand cater to the most discerning photographers, from enthusiasts to professionals looking for more power in a portable package. The EOS M3 features a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor and Hybrid CMOS AF III, ensuring high quality images even in demanding, fast-paced situations. The top of the line EOS M5 borrows features usually reserved for high-end DSLRs, such as the recently introduced Dual Pixel CMOS AF (also available on the EOS 5D Mark IV) and the cutting-edge DIGIC 7 image processor. The EOS M5 is also the only camera in the M lineup with a built-in EVF, a high-resolution one of approximately 2.36 million dots at that. With this kind of power and performance, the EOS M3 and M5 has some of the countrys best photographers as advocates. Canon Crusaders of Light Jijo De Guzman, Jun De Leon, Sara Black and Jay Tablante have all expressed their approval of these camerashigh praise coming from individuals that have capturing the best visuals and moments as their profession.

With the ability to take photos that truly encapsulate what makes certain moments special, combined with the ease of sharing it with the rest of the world, the EOS M series of cameras are poised to be the perfect companion for beginners, professionals or anyone that wants to #getMpowered today.

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