Baked Cheese Tart

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bake Cheese Tarts have somehow become the default pasalubong from Hong Kong. They're expensive, hard to get, and delicious. I know cheese tarts here in Manila have also attracted long lines, but those lines basically were just inspired by the lines that Baked Cheese Tart caused. 

Located in Sogo mall, I remember vividly that in the starting days of this store, there was even a line to the line! Yes, there is a line to fall in line! There is a pre line area in a forlorn corridor in the grocery section, and only when the actual line in front of the Baked Cheese Tart store has shortened a bit will store staff allow people from the corridor line to move to the store line. So yes, there is a line to fall in line. Craaaay. 

Now, whenever someone comes back from Hong Kong, this yellow bag is sure to elicit excitement hahaha. 

These cheese tarts are best enjoyed warm. Baked is not the kind of brand that goes lava-ey if you ask me. Instead, it's a lot like a light Japanese cheesecake, just a little bit more on the custardy texture.

The buttery crust combined with the melt in your mouth goodness of the cheese custard is enough to make one forget one's problems for a while hahaha.

I honestly have yet to try all the cheese tarts in the world because this is the only one I've tried so far.

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