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Friday, January 29, 2016

Okaaay, so you guys now have seen my foods from Day 1-5 that came from Healthy Foodie Manila! I paid Php1900 for this after a Php200 discount, for a 1200 calorie plan.

My verdict: It's only 100% worth if it's discounted...

I normally do not give out such harsh opinions, but for the diet delivery industry (that charges sooo much), I felt that I had to bring this up. I felt that the week's food was a hit or miss kind of thing. There'd be dishes that were stellar, and there were dishes that were no longer fresh or were not delicious to begin with. I'm sure they have improved in the last half year since I ordered, but at the time, I felt that there were a lot of foods where they did not put its longevity or reheating method into consideration...

The Fruit kabobs from day 1 were already sooo soggy and so difficult to eat. They really could have not turned the fruit into kebabs so that it still would have been nice to eat. The cereal prawn noodles were on the verge of spoiling. And things like that. They have to put into consideration that all of the things they prepare will be eaten the next day (given that they deliver the night before), so they have to plan and execute menus that can withstand the time lag. Not to even mention that not all customers immediately refrigerate the food. So they have to create foods that can withstand heat as well. 

Most people will be more comfy using a microwave given that the foods are placed in plastic containers, so I felt that they could have put into consideration making more foods that rely on microwave heating. A lot of the snacks (like the nutter banana bar from Day 3 or sticky bun from day 5) had to be heated in the oven, and would probably taste horrible if heated in the microwave. Perhaps they could have thrown in more whole fruits, cookies, crackers, mousse desserts, or nuts as snacks, as these all will not need reheating. 

Okaaay, this is so difficult to explain. Buuut, I felt that they have yet to perfect making people not feel like they indeed are on a diet. After going through the whole week, I realized that they put the tastier stuff at the end of the week and didn't have a lot at the beginning, and within the days themselves, the tastier food would be in such small servings and you could really feel the difference in amounts of food. I remember having the mozzarella sticks from Day 2 and my brother came over and saw me eating. He was so puzzled because he honestly cannot comprehend how three tiny morsels of cheese could count as snacks. I understand that they're fried sticks of cheese, which is why you can only have very little, but it was so much smaller in portion size compared to the other foods of the day that you really have this sense that you're trying to portion control. I think I'm being a whiny brat here already, but one thing I look for in diet delivery is to have a seamless feel to it. I should not feel like I am dieting, portion controlling, or depriving myself of good foods. There should be a feel good part to it given how expensive these programs are relative to just blind dieting (like say I just randomly say oh i'll just have 800 cal worth of food for a month).

Will I order again? Probably not if it's without a discount. 

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