Healthy Foodie Manila Day 1 Review

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I went on a diet food escapade waaay back in June, but it's only now I get to talk about it. So here I go!

This one is from Healthy Foodie Manila, the first one I tried.
So this is the whole meal for the first day. They sent three meals and one snack.

The nice thing is that aside from the fact that all the meals come in a secure paper bag, each plastic container comes with a sticker to cover the container. Amusingly, of all the diet delivery caterers I ordered from, they're the only one with black containers... I don't know if it's just a supplier thing or like they want to highlight the colors of the foods (?)

Okaaay so the breakfast is a healthy quiche. I honestly found this filling, and I found it very tasty, too. It may look small in the photos, but it's actually quite filling. I was like "Yaaaaay being on this diet didn't have to equate to suffering with bland food awwyizz." Unfortunately, my cheat is milk tea because I can never live without milk tea.

Lunch is a healthy burger patty with curry rice. I ate this meal while watching Return of Superman. I loved this, too, because the patty may only be one piece, but it's fat and tasty. The rice is also the right amount for me. They used brown rice for this dish which is why I felt full for a long time even after this meal.

The snack is a fruit kebab with a special honey syrup that has chia seeds in it. I especially loved the thickness of the syrup and the chia seeds, but I had a really hard time eating this. They deliver the night before, so they have prepared these kebabs like 24 hours prior, which is why the fruits are already extremely soggy and disintegrating. I understand that they do this in order to save consumers time in peeling and chopping fruits (like they can actually send whole bananas and apples and the like), but I guess it will not work if they are not a morning delivery service. 

The dinner is a dish of cereal prawns and misua. I had a hard time eating this, too, because the prawns were soggy and there wasn't enough cereal to really make you feel like it's cereal prawn. I also am not sure about the misua's status because it felt like it was borderline spoilt when I ate it. This would have otherwise been a very intuitive and yummy dish if it were to be served fresh in a restaurant setting. I'm thinking that they could separate the noodles from the prawns (aka shrimp these don't seem like prawns to me hahaha) to prevent the crisp cereal from getting soggy, and I personally find that vermicielli spoils slower than misua so they could consider that, too.

So this ends day 1! 
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General Information:
I went for the 1200 calorie diet and I paid Rocky Php1900 for this. I availed these foods from June 1-5, 2015.

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