Lunchbox Diet Day 1

Thursday, February 4, 2016

So hey guys! I basically had a ghost take the lunchbox diet for me hahahahaha. Okaaay, so when I ordered these foods, my wisdom tooth still hadn't erupted, and of course I did not know at the time that it would erupt. So when my tooth had erupted and I had already paid for these foods, I decided it'd be better for my brother to take the foods instead of having to deal with the hassles of cancellation with a swollen tooth. This was for the week of June 8-11 (they skipped 12 and served the food for the 12th on the 15th instead). For the curious folks out there I had my tooth extraction on the 10th.

Thank heavens my brother is a semi professional photographer (I say semi because he does go on paid gigs, but this isn't his bread and butter hahaha), which is why he patiently took pretty photos of all the foods. Since he ate all these foods, this chronicling will be about how the foods look like in photos and what foods they serve. I won't be putting my opinions into this.

This is how the bag looks like from above when opened. 

And these are all the foods laid out.

Breakfast is a crab and shrimp sandwich.

Dinner is swiss steak rice. 

Lunch is grilled chicken pesto pasta.

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