Healthy Foodie Manila Day 3 Review

Monday, November 23, 2015

We are at day 3 of my Healthy Foodie Manila week!

For breakfast they sent over oatmeal+rice arroz caldo. I'm guessing that oatmeal has less calories which is why they threw it in as a filler, but I personally didn't appreciate the oatmeal part. I like oatmeal, I like arroz caldo, but I don't like them married together. Other than that, though, the broth's overall taste is good. The egg is also cooked just right.

Lunch was grilled chicken adobo with coconut rice. I remember ooh-ing and aah-ing because for the first time in my life I actually got to taste coconut milk in the rice. I think you can all relate to me when we all go to those Thai or exotic restaurants and then there's 'coconut rice' in the menu and we've all learned to lower our expectations and expect a bowl of nice Jasmine rice come over. It's like coconut is just a fancy code name for cooked Jasmine rice hahahaha... I was just so happy I could really taste coconut milk. I also loved these skewers I wish I could eat this all the time.

They sent a "Nutter Banana Bar" for snack time. This is your basic bread pudding but with a rich chocolatey and banana-ey taste. I'm not a fan of chocolate when in desserts so this was so-so for me. I think other people went crazy over this, though.

Dinner was suposedly Pinoy style lasagna. This is a good lasagna, but I personally cannot remember what was Pinoy about this hahahaha...

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General Information:
I went for the 1200 calorie diet and I paid Rocky Php1900 for this. I availed these foods from June 1-5, 2015.

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