Healthy Foodie Manila Day 5 Review

Thursday, January 21, 2016

And I am back with day 5! So sorry this took soooo long to make. I got busy over a gazillion other things.  And as for why Day 4 is not here, the photos magically disappeared for some reason huhubells.

So this is the lunch bag.

Breakfast is beef tapa with organic rice. I honestly wonder why they had to keep better stuff like this late in the week instead of earlier on hahaha... This was as nice as tapa should taste like, and I particularly liked how the egg was cooked.

Lunch is this wild muschroom fetuccine. I was actually wondering how this got into the menu as it tastes like restaurant pasta. Not that the food is bad, but rather it tasted so sinful I wonder how this got here.

Dinner is almond chicken garden salad. This was difficult to eat as it was so light relative to breakfast and lunch. When I got to dinner I was like huhu I wish I had eaten lighter so this meal didn't have to be so light. It was an OK salad, but I don't think I can ever say it's 100% fresh given how it was delivered the day before.

This is the sticky bun they sent for snacks, I forgot to mention. I remember these being stiff chunks of bread with jam. I ate it simply because the program was so expensive. On a normal day I will not order something like this.

And these are all the foods.

For reference this was the menu for the week.

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