Healthy Foodie Manila Day 2 Review

Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 2 with Healthy Foodie Manila! Yipee!!!

For breakfast they sent this apple pie slash shortcake slice. I liked this one because it felt like a Starbucks meal. But what I did was that I popped this into an oven and not into a microwave. I ended up getting a buttery, crumbly, yummy breakfast. I guess one can not just be a random eater when availing of these services because you more or less have to have an idea of what reheating method to use to get the best results. Some foods will need oven, some will suffice with microwave heating.

The lunch meal is this pork chop medallion with baby potatoes in a honey mustard sauce. The medallions may have been small but I super loved them because they were really tasty and filling. The potatoes are the usual potatoes. I won't say they're the most earth shattering baby potatoes ever, but they're not bad.

The snack was mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. I was too lazy to heat the sauce, but I know I would have had a better experience if I did. The sticks are very small. My brother was like "How do you survive eating these?" I had to explain that this was the snack portion. In general, too, their meal plans don't necessarily get "unhealthy" dishes or foods out of the whole equation. They throw in things like these, too, but in small quantities. You know how much calories a dish has based on how small or big the portion is hahaha...

The dinner dish is a tortilla-salad esque dish. I forgot the actual name for this dish. I reheated this in the oven but I couldn't get the whole thing to heat evenly and not sog up the wrapper. I also couldn't eat the thing in one piece without ripping it off due to the moisture that has transferred from the vegetables to the wrapper. I'm thinking they can have an onigiri style packaging for better results (like the ones where the seaweed wrapper doesn't touch the rice), but this wasn't bad at all.

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General Information:
I went for the 1200 calorie diet and I paid Rocky Php1900 for this. I availed these foods from June 1-5, 2015.

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