Lunchbox Diet Day 2

Friday, February 12, 2016

This is day 2 with lunchbox diet! These are the foods for June 9, 2015. I paid Php2000 for this week's 1500 calorie plan.

This is the bag.

Continuing my disclaimer from the last post, my brother ate all these foods as I had a wisdom tooth situation that week. As such, all these photos were taken by him, and I'm just putting them out here for visual reference. Since I did not eat these foods I will not be giving any verdict on them.

Snacks are already seen here (the crackers and the orange)

Breakfast is tocino rice.

Dinner is Piri-piri chicken with roasted garlic mayo sauce and vegetables.

And here are the snacks again.

Lunch is seafood chowder rice. 

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