Landers Super Crazy Sale (June 14-18, 2017)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Hear ye! Hear ye! From now till Sunday, it's Landers' Super Crazy Sale!!! 

Mom and I went to Landers yesterday so we can snag discounts on meat and frozen foods. In general we've been so busy lately, so I've been eyeing to buy chicken nuggets, dumplings, and other frozen foods that are easy to prepare. 

I thought I'd share some photos of the energy in the air at the sale. It was crowded, but thankfully they got rid of the surprise sales, so it's a lot more peaceful and orderly compared to what most would remember of past super sales. If I may say, there were plenty of guards and ushers making sure that lines are orderly, mobile, and that shoppers in line to pay were not a nuisance to shoppers still walking around. 

Upon entering, shoppers are already greeted by BOGO deals. Even Fructis is BOGO. Even fragrances are BOGO!!!

For those who are into partying, rejoice, as a lot of the liquors and party drinks are on sale! I think you can see the sea of green in this photo.

Mama and I were able to snag new swaddles and blankies for my precious 3 week old nephew as they had great deals for the blankies, too.

Pillows were also on suuuper sale, and I personally benefited so much because my pillow is already so flat I need a new one. I got a Mainstays Super Firm Pillow for just 399 (50% off)! Even the premium pillows had a lot of discounts going on.

Normally some pastries are on sale, but for today almost all breads and pastries had some sort of discount or promotion.

Perhaps the most interesting item I found is this Cat Scratcher infused with catnip. Landers has always been the most comprehensive in cat supplies, so I knew that they were the grocers thoughtful enough to bring in innovations like this.

The line may seem endless here at Landers Balintawak, but that's because the guards usher all the shoppers to form two lines. And then when the line directly behind a cashier till is clearing up will they then make people fall in line. It's much orderly this way that they are in two orderly lines across the store instead of each cashier till having a chaotic line.

 If you will look closely here, you'll see what I mean. There were plenty of guards that were visible, and they used a lot of barriers to usher people to the right place. If you will look closely to the right, shoppers could shop comfortably as there was no long queue jamming up the shelves.

And as for the purchases, this is what we got. We got a lot of meat, bakery goods, and rotisserie chickens to share. I also got my eternal favorites of Lays BBQ chips and Tostitos. Plenty of sodas were on sale, including the Canada Dry Ginger Ale and A&W Cream Soda that I got. 

Just to add to what I saw yesterday, the following are photos from a previous visit to Landers. I'm not sure if these items are on sale, and if on sale, how much they are now, but I generally just thought that these are interesting items that you may find to be useful. 

So yeah, they now have rolls of fake grass. Flatlays have become all the rage these days, so props like fake grass will definitely come in handy. This can also be used for events, home decor, and perhaps if you want to make an amateur indoor golf course. 

I also found that they have a useful hybrid lap table with a lamp and with a cushion for the wrists. 

Amd for those still looking for cute 'escapes' for their pets, if you're not into teepees, then you will love these.

I received a bag of GH Cretors popcorn from Landers in the past and I feel like their popcorn is the best popcorn. I just had to buy one more bag when I saw one. This brand is soft but thickly coated with caramel that you will not be disappointed.

They also expanded their foreign noodle section a bit and they now have the usual Nongshim noodle and the Nongshim Sun noodle.

To add, they now also have Ottogi Glass Noodles, for use in japchae and mandu. Or basically you can use these noodles in whatever noodle dish if you're looking for noodles that are thick and chewy.

For those making homemade tempura and no longer want to slave over the panko, they also have this Tempura Seafood Batter Mix from McCormick.

I have now been spared from hunger so many times by this Hungry Jack mashed potato powder. This is like dehydrated potato flakes, so it doesn't have a fake taste unlike when you order mashed potato from outside. The best part is it's ready in minutes since the potato flakes are so small. This makes it sooo much more convenient compared to boiling whole potatoes for so long then mashing them.

And wee my favorite! I love Landers fries hihihi. 

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