Max's Tinapay Natin Year 2 Launch (July 20, 2017)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Now on its 2nd year!!! If you have a flair for breadmaking, then be sure to join Max's Tinapay Natin, in cooperation with Pilmico flour! 

Breads play an integral role in Filipino living. Pan de sal of course comes to mind as a Filipino breakfast staple. And then we have a lot of breads like ensaymada which we may not have invented  per se, but it's its own Filipino twist and it has its own place in our hearts. Max's aims to enrich the cultural appreciation for the place of bread in Filipino households, as well as to uphold Filipino traditions and values.  

Tinapay Natin basically is a recipe ideation and execution contest. Entrants are to create recipes for Filipino regional breads (or breads that reflect Filipino traditions in one's community), and a traditiona bread with a modern twist. Entrants not only create the recipes, as they should be able to prepare, ferment, bake, and display their breads within 4 hours. Of course, champions (since this competition will be in teams) will take home a cash prize, but the biggest reward is to have their recipes brought to life and sold in Max's Corner Bakery stores!!! 
I was suuuper late to the event because I came from a prior event. As such, I missed the program. But basically, that's what the competition is all about. Of course, there had to be PilMico flour. Pilmico is the official flour partner of Max's in this competition.

It was an intimate event at their Sct. Tobias branch, and when I got there most people were eating and were ready to go home.

I am thankful I still got to eat chicken! And their fries (that seem to also be fried in chicken oil yaaay)

I got to go home with samples of 2016's winning bread recipes!!! As listed, last year's winning breads are Cream cheese Ensaimada, Caramel Sesame Roll and Cagayan De Oro Pastel by Roy D. Tabocolde and Greegy P. Cabarrubias of St. Therese College. But fret not-- even if you're out of school, you can still join so long as you're older than 18!!! 

I personally loved this!!!! I guess this was their take to turn the concept of cinnamon rolls into something else. I mean the only thing I know being done in this format is cinnamon. I am sure bakers can name more, but as an average citizen, that's all I can think of. I loved the caramel because it kept the bread so moist. The sesame seeds help to make it so flavorful. 10/10 would recommend.

Their Cream Cheese Ensaimada made mom really happy hahaha. I wasn't able to try any. But according to her, this is fluffy, dreamy, and most of all, not too sweet. She usually controls herself a lot when it comes to sweet things in general, but she just had to indulge in the two of these. So I guess that says how good this is.

The Cagayan De Oro Pastel, if I am right, was created to be a stabilized version of the Mindanao favorite. I asked my best friends who have tried the Pastel from Mindanao, and they shared to me that it's a fluffy sponge cake-like bread with caramel filling. This features a more pound-cake like exterior with a very decadent caramel filling. It's also coated with flour. Perhaps they made it this way so as to make it less susceptible to premature spoilage, and to prevent the product getting squished so easily.

If you think you have something better to bring to the table (pun intended), be sure to get baking and to bring your ideas to life! 

And for those who are interested, I have here the mechanics taken from their Facebook page:
TinapayNatin is a nationwide bread competition that is aimed to promote the Philippines’ local bread culture. More than just a competition, TinapayNatin also pays tribute to our regions’ distinguishing local identity, culture, and produce by sharing the inspiring stories that each local bread variant carries.
1.1 This competition is open to all Filipino citizens or legal residents of the Republic of the Philippines, ages 18 years old and above.
1.2 . Each team will be comprised of two members, who may represent a school; or bread baking hobbyists or enthusiasts, but not representing a commercial establishment. If the team will represent a school, a letter of endorsement from the participants’ school, duly endorsed by the Dean, Principal or Head of Student Affairs, will be required. In all other cases, a government-issued ID will be required.
1.3 To join the TinapayNatin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition 2017, each team must:
Fill out Entry Form <> containing:
  • Personal Information
  • Bread Story
  • A regional bread recipe representative of a local community/province/region; and
  • A “traditional with a modern twist” bread recipe.
* Bread recipes should take into consideration a 4-hour time limit, from preparation to baking.
** Recipes must be written in the format provided by the Organizing Committee. It must indicate the weights and volume (metric system ONLY) of the ingredients as well as the method of preparation and batch yield.
*** Photos of your Bread Recipes must be sent to With filename format PARTICIPANT’S NAME-RECIPE NAME (Ex: JuandelaCruz-Ube Roll.jpg)
1.4 Deadline of Entry Forms will be on or before September 15, 2017. For more information, you can visit us at our Facebook page,
1.5 All entries will be screened by the Organizing Committee. The entries with the most compelling stories, following the proper format and guidelines will be chosen to participate. Only 12 teams from each region – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, will be chosen to join the live regional elimination rounds which will be held on the following dates:
  • Mindanao Elimination Round (Davao - September 30, 2017);
  • Visayas Elimination Round (Bacolod - October 6, 2017); and
  • Luzon Elimination Round (Baguio - October 14, 2017).
1.6 . The top two winning teams for each regional elimination round will be awarded gift certificates by Max’s Restaurant.
1.7 . The six winning teams from the elimination rounds will advance to the TinapayNatin Grand National Finals which will be held in Manila on November 16, 2017.
1.8 . There will be three winners during the TinapayNatin Grand National Finals namely: first, second and third place. Cash prizes, trophy, medals and certificates will be awarded to the winners. The grand winner will have their breads featured and sold in Max's Corner Bakery outlets nationwide.
2.1 . Each team will be composed of two participants, with each ages 18 years old and above. Team members will be required to wear plain black pants and a plain white shirt without any logo or identifying mark during the competition.
2.2 Participating teams must prepare, ferment, bake and display their 2 (two) bread entries, one regional and one traditional with a modern twist, within a maximum allowed time of four hours. If the team is unable to finish the competition within the allotted time, the judges will deduct one point for every five minutes of delay, from the final score. A time delay beyond 60 minutes will be subject to disqualification.
2.3 Each recipe must use 1kilogram of Pilmico Flour (Wooden Spoon All Purpose flour and/or Sun Moon Star Hard Wheat flour). Only a buffer of 10% for all ingredients is allowed of each recipe. At the end of competition, the quantity of all excess ingredients that were not used in the production of bread will be measured by the board of judges. This will be part of the judges’ assessment.
2.4 Only two dough mixing methods will be allowed in the competition: straight dough and/or sponge dough method.
2.5 . All ingredients will be provided and pre-measured by Organizing Committee. Ingredients provision is based on the participants’ submitted recipe entries. Participants are not allowed to bring any additional ingredients. Bread improvers, mold inhibitors, emulsifiers and other functional ingredients are not allowed in this competition. For all other ingredients that are allowed in the competition, kindly refer to the pantry list in annex 1 and also posted in our Facebook page.
2.6 . Only the following fruit fillings are allowed: ube, mongo, strawberry, mango and durian.
2.7 . Small utensils, sheet pans (plancha), small proofer and weighing scales (mechanical or digital) can be brought into the competition area. An ingress and egress form will be required and shall be provided by the Organizing committee thru email.
2.8 . Electrical equipment like mixers and kneaders is absolutely PROHIBITED in the competition area.
2.9 . Small utensils and equipment brought in by participants must not have any logo or identifying mark. Failure to comply with this requirement is subject to disqualification.
2.10 . The Organizing Committee will provide a work station for each team.
2.11 . Each team must present their baked entries on two white platters, one for tasting and one for display. Platters will be brought by the participants and must not bear any logo or identifying mark.
2.12 . For the TinapayNatin Grand National Finals: all winning teams from the elimination rounds must submit an additional free-style bread recipe. A total of three recipes will be made during the live competition. Again, participants are required to use 1kilogram of Pilmico Flour (Wooden Spoon All Purpose flour and/or Sun Moon Star Hard Wheat flour) for each of the recipes. Deadline for submission of the 3rd recipe is on October 30, 2017
  • By participating in this Competition, each participant is agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and agrees to grant the right to the Organizer to unlimited use of any and all photos, recipes and other materials uploaded by the user for any purpose whatsoever at any time without compensation or the need for further notice or approval.
  • The Participant shall take full responsibility over the content shared by the participant for this Competition. The Organizer shall be free of any claims whatsoever with respect to the photos, recipes and content submitted by the Participant.
  • Organizers shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or any other liability arising out of the Competition. Organizer shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to Act of God, Central and State governmental actions, policies and other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for any such loss.
For more inquiries, please contact our TinapayNatin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition 2017 secretariat head, Ms. Ruth Padilla at or thru mobile 09175717544 or 09088631923.
*Employees and relatives of up to 2nd consanguinity of ABOITIZ EQUITY VENTURES and MAX’S GROUP, INC. are not allowed to join this competition.
Click on the link to fill out the entry form:

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