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Thursday, October 29, 2015

I am still getting used to reminding myself that Hattendo sells chilled cream buns, not ice cream buns. And what's the difference? Hattendo's chilled cream is like cream puff cream, it's not ice cream. And even then, it's not like cream puff cream. It's a cream of its own. 

When I visited them a few weeks back, I got myself a whole box of six because of the promotions they have. Pay 570 instead of 600++ I think (?) I can't remember it now hahaha...

So these are the buns in all their glory. I now feel that they should hire Nicki Minaj as their endorser because her anaconda don't want none unless we got buns (like these)....

The packaging is very simple. This is not the usual for Japanese omiyage because their omiyage have very intricate boxes, and very intricate individual packaging. This is considered plain in omiyage standards, if you ask me.

So this is the whipped cream one. It's really just a sheet of  paper wrapping. 

This is their bun in whipped cream flavor. They have custard and whipped cream flavor, and whipped cream flavor is supposed to be like eating thickened Starbucks whipped cream. It's light, but creamy, and a little sweet.

The production date is August 10, 2015, even when I purchased this it was already September 20, 2015. This is because they order all the buns from Japan and ship them in frozen. They only defrost them to refrigeration temperature when the buns are already due to be sold.

There are currently seven available flavors for it. They come in custard, matcha, azuki bean, whipped cream, chocolate, chestnut, and mango.

This is the green tea one. 

And this one is the red bean one. 

This one is the custard one. 

And this is the chestnut one. Our family is not into chocolate flavored desserts even if we like chocolate alone, which is why I didn't bother buying one. Same feelings go for mango, too.

And there's even a whole meditation map on the wrapper. 

And here's the bun. As you can see, the cream is really a solid, crumbly mass. It's like sinking your teeth into mousse cake, only creamier. It's got a really light feeling to the tongue despite being so creamy. I personally loved all the flavors I tried, but basing from my family's reactions, they didn't like the more plain flavors (like custard and whipped cream) because they felt that it was just like eating a jar of cream. They appreciated the red bean and green tea flavors more.

My mom especially loved the red bean one because according to her there's so much red bean inside. I hate red bean, which is why I bought it for them, not myself, and didn't bother trying much of it in the store's free sample tray.

I would personally look for Hattendo the next time I visit Megamall, but I probably wouldn't buy this much if there's no promotion. While the buns are good, they really are just so expensive... I would decide on one to two flavors, and then that's it. 

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