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Monday, October 26, 2015

Hooray for rescued cats! And hooray, market of the Philippines! I'm really excited about how the Philippine market has warmly accepted cat café's into the system. I know a lot of Pinoys are into dogs and people have this notion that cats are simply picked up from the streets and shouldn't be made any efforts for. I'm glad that the market is already ready, otherwise great places like these wouldn't last here. 

So this is in a building in Maginhawa...

The place is at a hidden area of the building. Like it's not among the establishments that face the road. You really need to make an effort to walk around the second floor to find it, not unless they added standees or signs since my last visit.

The moment you enter the place, you'll be greeted by all these cat post its. 

This feels somewhat like a host café to me because of this poster on the wall. They have the profiles of all the residents of the café, featuring their ages, gender, colors, etc. A lot of the cats you will see in this poster have already been adopted in real life.

This is their cat merchandise area. They have mugs, cooking materials, stickers, pouches, stationery, and virtually everything under the sun in kitty form.

The purple interiors is really nice. My favorite color is purple, which is why I like it when I see it.

This is their bulletin board with some more post its, some articles about cats, photos of famous people and their cats, and some tidbits about the importance of spaying and neutering. The café's residents are all rescued cats from CARA, which is why this café's owners have a very strong belief in the benefits of OPLAN trap-neuter-release.

For those who aren't aware of it, experts stress that by neutering neighborhood cats, they are not only infertile, but they are also unattracttive to other cats who may want to set forth and multiply in the neutered/spayed cat's territory. This is why for so long as a cat establishes territory over a place or so long as the cat is living, he/she can deter reproductive cats from wanting to be in the area. This is the most effective and most sustainable cat population control method out there. I really want to personally spend the money to get all our neighborhood tomcats neutered, if only they would let me catch them GRR...

So this is the cats' play area. This is soooo much more complex now, I've heard.

There are cute cat paintings and cat art all across the café...

And this is a better view of the snack area. They serve really good soda's and cupcakes. I had to take a cupcake home for my brother after this visit because I really loved their mocha cupcake.

I swear get a cupcake when you come here, you'll surely love it.

And well, the rest of this post is devoted to the café's cat residents! The whole point of the café's existence is to let people see that even adopted street cats, when cared for, loved, and given the proper treatment, can be just as adorable and lovable as even the most expensive breeds of cats in the world. The café's mission is to showcase the beauty of rescued cats to the world, and yes, if you are eyeing any of the cats here, so long as they're not yet adopted, you can actually adopt them from the café to give them their forever homes. 

This one's BG. BG slept the whole time. 

And Nacho, another furball who slept the whole time. 

This is Bicco, the first cat who caught my attention. I think Bicco's adopted now... 

This is Basu who was a gymnast throughout our visit. 

And here's Oreo...

And this is Mama Cat... She is my favorite because she's so sweet. 

The other visitors had a fun time with Shaira because she was one of the ones awake at the time and willing to play with the visitors.

Mama Cat is <3

I barely got to have decent shots of Trigger because he's so shy... All I have are photos of him eating with his back turned at me, or his back turned at me for some other reason...

The entrance fee to the café is Php200 for a 2 hour visit, inclusive of a Php100 consumable. The Php100 goes to the maintenance of the cats, and I think it also goes to CARA, which is why the consumable here is not as high as in other pet café's in the area...
The café is located at 2F, 189 Maginhawa St. cor. Makadios street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. 
Contact them at 0922 836 4441, or visit their website at or their FB page at

These fur-babies await your visit! 

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