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Monday, October 19, 2015

Hooray for a new place whose desserts I'll look forward to! I know I am such a laggard when it comes to eating out in the metro, but at least I made it to the Hattendo craze while it's still on!

I have long been curious about Hattendo's concept that every time I went to Megamall in the past few months, I'd always want to visit their store. But every time I do get to visit Megamall I always had to take care of other urgent business which is why I was never able to visit the store even after so many errands I had to take care of in this mall.

And what is Hattendo all about? Put simply, it's a bread bun with light, airy, cold cream injected inside. It's not ice cream, nor is the cream similar to cream puff custard. It's a light whipped cream. And like the product is probably about 60% cream and only 40% bread. It really is like sinking your teeth into whipped cream.

The ice cream part is the first thing I had to verify was the ice cream part. It takes me normally an hour to get to Megamall right now given the current metropolitan situation, which is why I cannot afford to buy anything that will melt on the way. And given everything that has happened in the past few months, I wasn't willing to take the risk to buy something like this only to have unforeseen events stop me in my tracks. So yeah, for those of you who were afraid to try this thinking this is ice cream, no it's not. It's chilled cream. It doesn't melt when outside the fridge, and it can last about 2-3 hours outside the fridge without much "problems" (problems= melting/ product becoming unrecognizable), but well, don't risk it.

But what's different is that these buns' cream fillings are wholesome and really made of milk. There's no cheating with butter, eggs or shortening to dominate the flavor because it really is made of wholesome cream.

I know they're so expensive. Php118 is so expensive for a bun knowing that this is already a full blown cake slice or two cream puffs elsewhere. Even the rainy day promo price still ain't cheap. But I found out that there's a reason behind this-- Hattendo buns are NOT baked here in the Philippines! They're baked in Japan, imported to the Philippines in frozen vehicles/vessels/container vans, and only defrosted right before they're due to be sold. Of all the Japanese delicacy stores I've visted, this if the first time I'm seeing straight imports from Japan for such perishable items!

The only other time I've encountered this set up is in Hong Kong wherein they import fruits straight from Japan, but even then, I've never seen a Japanese food store that has its flagship products imported from Japan.

Only after the ladies at the store explained this to me did I understand the pricing.

And well, I guess it's priced this way because bringing in one flavor and forecasting demand is already hard enough, and yet they have it in 7 flavors! They have it in custard, whipped cream (this tasted more buttery than custard hahaha), matcha, mango, chocolate, chestnut, and red bean.

If you reaaally want to look fancy in front of someone, or to make someone feel that you're not just any kind of gift giver, they have cooler bags for sale. You won't really need this for most destinations

There are a lot of samples in the store. I got convinced to buy a box for my family because of the free samples hahaha...

The store ladies are very kind and friendly. They're the other reason why business is doing well. I'm the kind of person who will not buy from a place no matter how good the foods they're selling are if the sales force treats me like garbage.

I kinda got what I wanted here HAHAHA. Of course, to be blogging about this, it'd be weird if I bombarded you guys of my selfies with the buns and the sales ladies. My ideal situation is if people naturally flocked to the store and I just took photos of them doing so. I think people kinda got curious because I was taking photos of the store that they felt like approaching it. So this is why this photo was made possible...

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