Samyang Cheese Ramyun and Samyang Mozzarella Cheese

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Probably one of the amusing things I know so far (yes I like to say so far because I am so interested to learn more about Korean culture) is that cheese is something you put on spicy Korean ramyun to make it even better. 

This is all that remains of the heaps of instant noodles we bought from the Samyang store in their ecopark... And as I type this there is none left.

I still cannot read Korean to the comprehension level yet (I've learned their alphabet so far hee hee), but I am guessing that this is a meat and tofu flavored ramyun given the illustrations and the tiny white squares that float in my soup.

This cheese is proof that I am ready to be a parent. Or sort of. This is because I bought this bag of mozzarella cheese on the second (out of the fifth day!) of our Korea trip, so I had to take care to keep this cold! This was not as easy as it sounds because we kept on moving hotels, and we were also in the bus all day, so I had to make ways to make ice packs and whatnot just to keep it cold.

I actually would not decide to buy this had it not been that this cheese is made from the milk of cows in Jeju island.

It's a nice mozzarella cheese, with a slightly salty and slightly funky taste. It'slike gas, but not like gas (yes it is so hard to describe). Like a wine-ey taste, perhaps due to the differences in milk or something..

Had it not been for the calories overload, how I wish I can eat cheese ramyun everyday. 

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