Phoenix Park Pyeong-chang

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hooray for hotel reviews (?) 

I took quite a lot of photos of the hotels we stayed in while in Korea with the intention of uploading them onto Trip Advisor. While I have already uploaded them there, I thought that I might as well upload them here. This is Phoenix Park Pyeongchang, a ski/beach resort (they market their ski slopes for the winter and their artificial beach for the summer).

 This is the entrance to the hotel, taken from the inside.
The lobby in general is very nice and spacious, though I'd say there's room for a lot more couches given the sheer amount of floor space there is. 

This is the front desk. 

So this is a photo of the room. The room, in general, is kind of a mix of Korean and Western interiors. Like the beds are Western kinds of beds, but the TV rack and furniture look Korean. The floor is not carpeted but is rather a heated smooth floor, like what Korean traditional floors are. 

 Amusingly, though, there is a twin bed and a single bed here. This amuses me because I've been used all my life to rooms that are either both single beds, both double beds, 1 double bed, and definitely not something like this hahaha.

This is what I meant by Korean furniture... 

 This is probably a new sight to see for me because it is my first time to see a fire extinguisher in a room itself.
 This is probably the most amusing thing about this hotel room because the window is machine controlled. You simply push the button to open and to close. But don't worry in times of emergency there is a pin that you can pull to open the window manually.
 This is the bathroom area. The sink is in a separate area right outside this.

The funniest thing is the hairdryer is because of this lever that says 'Respect.' It only opens a blue backlight when you flick it, and does not control the hairdryer at all (the heat and air flow controls are right below the 'Respect' lever). 

 Here are the views from outside.

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