Eating Out at Shang Shang Shanghai Cuisine in Hong Kong

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The best part about Hong Kong is the food! The last time my parents were there, they were talking about how much they loved a restaurant near the hotel they stayed in. We stayed in that hotel again, so we went to the restaurant. It's called Shang Shang Shanghai Cuisine. 

So this is the menu. I have no idea why I didn't take photos of the entrance. All I have is this menu photo hahaha.

At least I got some of the interiors! As far as Hong Kong goes, this is considered to be an average restaurant in an average location. I find the food great, but the interiors, I also think that these are the usual Shanghai style interiors you'd see in most restaurants nowadays.

So this is the drunken chicken. Be careful when you order drunken chicken in East Asian countries, because they take the drunken part seriously! It's a far cry from what we're used to in the Philippines. They really use strong Chinese wines for dishes like these.

There were also braised bamboo shoots. This was amusing because I have never seen bamboo shoot slices this big! They're tasty, too, with the soy-sesame flavors in it.

We also ordered a basket of their Xiao Long Bao. Many places have Xiao Long Bao in Hong Kong, but it's usually Din Tai Fung or Crystal Jade that has the best because they really devote chefs and staff to perfecting the Xiao Long Bao. As for this place, the Xiao Long Bao are big and juicy, despite not having the best wrapper. The filling is tasty and there's a lot of soup in each one. I do not judge this place for the Xiao Long Bao because it's not the specialty, so I don't really mind that it's not perfect. It's very good, and that's all it has to be.

This is one of my favorite dishes from this meal, because this is something I've wanted to try again after a long, long time! Baaaack then, one of our dear family friends based in Hong Kong treated us out to an evening of savory Chinese foods. She ordered a dish of rice krispies served with a big bowl of tomato sauce and shrimp. I really loved the dish and wanted to eat it again. But the thing is, this is not the kind of dish that can make one person full, and one will not be able to have a full meal of just this. So it's been really difficult for me to order this again despite all the places we've eaten in that serve things like these because if everyone else already has too much to eat, it won't be advisable to order this.

So finally, I was able to order something like this!

The tomato sauce is the best. It's like sweet and sour sauce, but with a tomato kick to it. There are many stir fried shrimps, bell pepper slices, onion and pineapple chunks that swim in this rich soup.

And did I say the rice crispies bars are fried? That makes the whole thing even better! It's a perfect crunchy experience with the yummy oiliness of the rice crispies bars and the tanginess of the sauce full of shrimp. Even the sauce is already so delicious on its own!

The shrimp sauce is so good it also went well with these salt and pepper ribs, which by the way are also very good. It's not a novel dish, but they did it very well. Crunchy, tasty, and full of meat and not a lot of bones. This is why this is also another gastronomic experience in itself.

This last dish is momma's favorite. She really loves to order this each time, because this is her kind of feast. This is their double boiled chicken soup with vegetables and dumplings. This is one of their signature dishes because the soup is so tasty that even I can vouch that it's double boiled. The chicken is also praise worthy because it slides off the bone. It's just that good.

So yaaaay this is it for this restaurant visit!

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