Travel Agency Deals at Travel Tour Expo 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

For those of you who are curious as to how much some of Manila's popular travel agencies charge for their tours during the Travel Tour Expo, here you go! 

NOTE: The photos can be enlarged. Simply click on them, or right click then select 'open photo in new tab' for a better view. 

The photo above is Marvels of Travel's deal for a Hong Kong trip. And the photo below is their tour package for Macau.

Marvels of Travel Jakarta tour packages. 

Marvels of Travel South African tour rates. 

Marvels of Travel Taipei deals 

Marvels of Travel Kuala Lumpur deals

Marvels of Travel Dubai-Abu Dhabi-UAE tour

Uni Orient Holy Week packages. 

Uni Orient Xiamen and Hello Kitty theme park tours.

Uni Orient Hong Kong and Macau tours

Uni Orient China tours

Uni Orient Star Cruises packages

Uni Orient Asia and Dubai packages. 

Uni Orient Southeast Asia Packages

Uni Orient Philippine Packages. 

More documents from Uni Orient

Panda Travel China tours

Veica Travel and Tours Japan trip 

Veica Travel and Tours Finland Trip 

Veica Travel and Tours Russia Trip 

Veica Travel and Tours Spain Trip 

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