Other Deals at Travel Tour Expo 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello dear friends! for those of you who are curious at more or less how much trips are at the Travel Tour Expo, here are photos of the flyers I took home from the expo! 

NOTE: The photos can be zoomed. Simply click on the photo, or right click it then select 'open photo in new tab' to have a better view. 

The photo above is for this food stall that sells exotic foods from Taiwan. The photo below is a tour package from Universal Holidays Inc. for an 8 day Japan tour. 

 Ads for Aeon mall in Japan (although I have no idea why they are doing promotions far away from the Japan booth...)

Memory Tours promo rates for Holy Week for Tokyo and Osaka trips. 

Ads for Manila Ocean Park. It's been three years or so since I've been yearning to try their fish spa and it still hasn't happened. 

Holy Land + Egypt tour from Journeys travel agency. 

Dubai Tour from Journeys Travel Agency. 

This is what we got from the Korean Tourism Organization for booking a package tour to Korea! Yesterday they were even giving out Laneige beauty sets! 

And for using Citibank to pay our downpayment for the trip we also got some nice goodies from P&G! 

My mom now thinks that TTE is the way to go with booking trips because we get so much dicsounts, perks, and freebies for a trip we were already intent on booking anyways. Personally, I like that everyone from everywhere is here so people can make really good decisions over where and how to travel. 

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