Drip Coffee Mornings

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I don't always drink coffee. 

And that's the exact reason why at the times that I do drink coffee, I want the moment to be extra special. 

Okay, I can settle for instant 3-in-1 coffee, but I drink coffee from the grounds so rarely that it's so time consuming to set up a coffee maker only to keep it afterwards. This is why I love the concept of drip coffee. All you just need is to have filter paper, some coffee grounds, and you just pour hot water on this thing and wait for it to drip, hence the name drip coffee. 

I know a lot of swanky stores in town are seling drippers, but meh, let me surprise you that my dripper is only Php88 coz I got it from Saizen. I have no idea how people are able to buy those Php500 drippers which are probably made in the same factory as this one!

I think drip coffee is a mostly Japanese thing, and I have yet to see it make an apearance in more Pinoy homes...

This is a bag of Starbucks coffee gifted to us by my godmother. Though it's possible to just place this on a strainer, I prefer to use the dripper with filter paper as it's more pure that way, and there's less unwanted residue.

I know this amount looks like a lot, but since this is a Blonde roast, it'll be good for three cups at the most...

I always make sure to check the cup because sometimes when the drip rate is too quick, the cup is already near full but you're still pouring more hot water into it. 

The drip rate is quick when you've just poured water onto the grounds, and it becomes slower and slower as the grounds become more and more moist. I usually use this contraption to drip onto two cups, and then I mix the contents of the two cups so that I have two cups of equal strength coffee. I mean it's no fun to have one cup that's so intense only to have a second cup which is so weak relative to the first. 

Though I've tried drinking this coffee alone, I usually like to add milk and sugar. I like my coffee light, sweet and creamy. 

I might actually do this to my loose leaf teas, but meh, I'll think about it. 

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