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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Soooo you may have actually discovered this blog because of a post I did over Landers Superstore's opening weekend a few months back that went viral. I honestly was just having a great time with my family shopping and just took photos here and there. I thought that they must have tapped a lot of bloggers already for a pre sale event. Apparently, there seems to have been no pre sale event and I was among the first to talk about the store. 

I never thought that the post would go viral because it was not my usual blog photography. To those who go to my beauty blog you know how much time I spend getting the right angle. That day I just kept on snapping photos of items I thought were interesting or unique with a phone and didn't even think much about framing or angles given the sheer number of shoppers. 

But weeeell, fast forward to this post, to my more extreme shock, the folks at Landers apparently noticed that post that went viral and had wanted to send over a gift to show their appreciation. This is the gift basket! 
They included a short but sweet note with the whole basket. I was able to go back just once after the blog post so I really need to go back more. My parents have been there tons of times, though.

I was honored to have received the highly acclaimed Chimichurri steak sauce! This sells out a lot, I heard, and is a must have for anybody who loves meat. 

I also got myself some canned salmon, which I think would go well with the mussels and clams that Landers also has. I keep on eyeing the mussels and the clams, but end up not buying them, because of freezer constraints. One day I am making that perfect pasta with clam, mussel and this salmon at walang makapipigil sa akin.

Speaking of seafood I also got this tuna and crackers snack kit.

And they kinda knew our life problems when they sent over this salt and pepper set. We have two kitchens at home, one on the second floor and one on the ground floor. The one on the ground floor is often stocked well with seasonings, but the second floor one needs pepper right now.

And boy, this is my current nightime ritual!!! Weeell after skincare, I really just have to have some of this! We once were able to receive a bag of GH Cretors caramel apple popcorn which was insanely good, so I had nothing but high expectations for this. But I was not disappointed. It's got the burnt and roasted flavor that other brands don't have, the popcorns don't stick to each other, and each little baby has a melt in your mouth texture. I like that with proper care (I use a bag sealing stick and put the whole bag in an airtight bag after), it doesn't get tough and is soft and edible even days after opening.

And I think that this is the true gift of Landers to my family. To seal the deal they also lovingly sent over this bottle of Kinderwood Merlot wine. I don't drink any alcohol, like 0. Not even wine nor champagne nor chardonnay. Let's not even get started with hard drinks. So this is something that purely will be for my family's enjoyment.

I am honestly so overwhelmed over this! I do work with a lot of brands for my beauty blog, but it's always the brand sending over items for me to produce content over. I always produce content over brands that do not work with me, but no one really ever does things like this. This is the first time that I am receiving something out of pure gratitude of the brand. Thank you so much, Landers! It's nice to get a real pat on the shoulder every once in a while.

I think you might bump into me in the store sometime soon so there's that. See you soon! 

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